Sea lion stops traffic on the road, they ask for help to capture it and everything almost spirals out of control

A curious video viral is giving what to talk about in social networks. What is it about? A sea lion, which was quite far from the ocean, entered the busy California highway (U.S). Faced with this unusual situation, several people stopped in time to protect the mammal.

Sometimes animals need help from humans; as happened last Friday, January 7, at the crossroads east of downtown San Diego. One sea ​​lion, who was lost, tried to cross the SR-94 freeway.

Rescue plan underway

Upon noticing this scene, the drivers stopped traffic so as not to endanger the life of the animal. In addition, they asked the seaworld rescue team. Fortunately, lifeguards arrived at the scene and joined forces with the California Highway Patrol to capture the sea lion and keep it off the road.

According to , “This curious little guy had a great adventure! Our team responded to several calls about a sea lion on Highway 94. Although we are not sure how he managed to get there. “

For her part, Jeni Smith, supervisor of the SeaWorld San Diego rescue program, confessed that it is unusual to find a sea lion so far from its habitat. “This has happened several times before, but never, as far as I know, never that far inland. We are very surprised ”, Held.

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