Sea bream with cucumber and Datsha rose

A recipe from Top Chef Baptiste Trudel, to be enjoyed in his new festive restaurant: Datsha Underground, 57, rue des Gravilliers, Paris 3rd. Reservation: 01 43 56 95 09

Rose jalapeño pickles v Boil the water, white wine, white spirit vinegar, salt and sugar. Once boiling, remove from heat.

– Add the rose petals to infuse as much as desired.

– Then the peppers cut into 3 mm slices. Let them marinate for 24 hours. Cucumber Sauce v Juice one of the cucumbers to extract the juice.

– For 3 cl of cucumber juice, add 5 cl of lemon juice and 5 cl of rose pickle vinegar.


– Cut the sea bream into sashimi and place them in the bottom of a plate.

– On top, make a mille-feuille of rose petals, mint, dill and jalapeño pickles. Then place a few thin slices of cucumber.

– Finally, pour 3 tbsp. cucumber sauce and 1 rose pickle juice.

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