Scuola, Emiliano: “The dad is a right. If it is denied I will support the parents before the Tar “

“Nobody can be forced to be exposed to the risk of contagion if there is a tool, distance learning, which can reduce this risk “. This is what was reiterated by the Apulian governor Michele Emiliano in a private message sent to a group of parents and then disseminated on social networks.

In the message, Emiliano returns to the concept that was at the center of the ordinances issued last year on the dad, namely “respect for right to health guaranteed by the Constitution“. For this reason, explains the governor, “it is possible for parents, if they are denied the dad, to challenge the provision to the Tar“. And in the message, Emiliano emphasizes that, in this case, “it could constitute in favor of the parents before the Administrative Court“.

Emiliano then explains that “for the school there is already the right to ask to be able to attend through a technological means – the dad – which greatly reduces the risk of infections. This right is currently recognized only to frail students. But – he concludes – in my opinion this right belongs to everyone“.

Its support for distance learning is historic. Also in November 2020, after receiving the recall of the then Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina to withdraw or correct the ordinance that he himself had issued to close schools in the region, he had addressed an appeal to families: “I make mine the appeal of pediatricians: avoid sending children to school in the presence, this is safer both for children and public health. If possible, choose the dad, and from home – albeit with all limits – try to do everything possible, until the epidemiological data will come down ”.

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