Screenwriter reveals that Ben Affleck asked for ‘Batman vs. Superman’ be rewritten

the saga of ‘Justice League’ in Zack Snyderthe version of Joss Whedon and the launch of ‘Batman vs. Super man’ would make an amazing documentary book… and now the screenwriter Chris Terrio gave his version of events.

In a recent interview with vanity fairTerrio spoke about his involvement with ‘BvS’ and ‘Justice League’ and, during the discussion, he opened up about the meeting with the star Ben Affleck to help him rewrite the story of the 2016 film to give it more depth.

“Ben called me and said he was working on this movie, that it was a movie about Superman in which he was going to play Batman. Then he asked if I could read the script and consider a rewrite. He asked if I would do any major work on the character arcs. So it was already determined and pre-established that Batman would try to kill Superman and that it would have a very dark arc. It was tracing criminals and it would have dark elements that were non-negotiable and already in the story.”

He also spoke about wanting to create a story that audiences would believe in Batman’s downfall, comparing him to Captain Ahab from the classic novel. ‘Moby Dick’ and that he was “traumatized by the war from Krypton coming to Earth”.

As if that wasn’t enough, Terrio also commented that he didn’t like the title chosen for ‘Batman v Superman‘, saying he didn’t choose it and telling how he would like the feature film to be called.

“I wrote the drafts of the Batman/Superman movie, which wasn’t called ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ by me. I didn’t name the script. In fact, I found out what the movie was called along with the rest of the world on the internet. I wasn’t consulted about the film’s title and was as surprised as anyone. I wouldn’t have called it ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,'” Terrio confirmed to Vanity Fair.

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He added: “I don’t know exactly who named it, but I suspect it was the studio and I suspect it was marketing, to be honest with you. It may have been the first step in creating ill will for the film. I suspect that putting the words ‘Batman’ and ‘Superman’ in the title had some marketing component. “

Territory states that studio executives ordered that 30 minutes of the film be cut from the final edit, sabotaging the production’s narrative – which, eventually, was responsible for numerous negative reviews.

“If you removed 30 minutes of ‘Argo’ like they did in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, would not make any sense. Critics would say, ‘What a lazy script’, because the characters would have no motivations and wouldn’t be coherent. And I completely agree with them.” says the screenwriter.

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