Scream, Marley Shelton and Dylan Minnette: “The Wes Craven original was an epochal film”

We interviewed Marley Shelton and Dylan Minnette, two of the performers of the new Scream, currently in theaters.

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Scream: a picture of Ghostface

The fifth Scream, now in theaters, reinvents the horror franchise conceived by Kevin Williamson under the banner of requel/legacyquel (these are the terms used in the film), with a mainly new cast that interacts only partially with the historical faces of the saga. Among the newcomers there is Dylan Minnette, which we interviewed together with the veteran Marley Shelton, who plays her mother. Minnette, born in 1996, was born nine days after the release of the progenitor of the franchise, and is a huge horror fan. A sign of destiny at the casting level? “It was destiny, already when I was in my mother’s womb. The magic was in the air, box office anxiety had taken over me. No, actually I thought it was absolutely out of the question, I didn’t think they would do another one after 10-11 years. It’s funny, I’ve never been so determined with a project, I was texting my manager every day. I had done a video audition, which hadn’t happened in years, and it was for another part, the one that went to Jack Quaid. I wasn’t good for that role, but there were others, and by talking to Matt and Tyler about it I managed to get the part of Wes. I did it, I got what I wanted.


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Scream 7

Scream: Marley Shelton as Sheriff Judy Hicks

While Dylan Minnette is a rookie in the Scream universe, Marley Shelton has already appeared in the fourth film, but her connection with the saga goes even further back: “Look, not that I want to reveal my age, but while he wasn’t born yet, I auditioned for the first Scream, like everyone in Hollywood. Like Dylan with the new one, everyone wanted to be a part of it. It was phenomenal, another kind of movie. When I starred in the fourth movie I thought ‘Finally, I’m in the franchise!’ And I was able to work with Wes Craven. And now not only am I part of it, but coming back to this I’m considered one of the historical cast. I was very happy, like a kid in a candy store.“And it is very symbolic the name given to the character played by Minnette, the son of Sheriff Hicks: Wes, as the late director of the first four chapters, to which the film is dedicated. And here comes the funny admission of the person concerned:”It took me a while to understand the connection.

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Scream 11

Scream: Dylan Minnette as Wes

Given the film we were talking about, the final question could only be the usual one, the one with which Ghostface started the slaughter in the winter of 1996: what is your favorite horror film? Marley Shelton initially pretends to be diplomat: “Obviously I have to mention the movie we act in, but then I would also say the first Scream, Psycho, and The Shining.“Minnette is on a similar wavelength:”Honestly, my favorite is Scream, the original. When I really got into it for the first time, and I was already a huge horror fan at that point, I was about 17, I knew it was the perfect horror. It has it all: it teases itself and worships the genre at the same time. Everything a horror fan wants to see.“The colleague adds:”How can you be self-deprecating and scary at the same time? It is a cathartic experience.“The young actor concludes:”He is scary, but he is also aware of his own identity, making fun of himself and all the other surrounding films. It’s a great experience, I love that movie.

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