‘Scream’ is the third highest rated film in the franchise; See the reviews and the ranking!

‘Panic’ premieres today in theaters in Brazil and won over the critics, becoming the second highest rated film in the franchise behind the original, from 1996.

No Rotten Tomatoes, the fifth chapter of the franchise received 78% approval through 79 published reviews and became the third highest-rated film in the franchise – despite many critics claiming it to be the best since the original.

The highest rated film in the franchise is ‘panic 2‘ (81% approval and 81 criticism published) followed original hair (79% approval and 82 reviews).

As critics are still posting their reviews of the new film, the percentage could change in the coming days.

Check the ranking:

5. Panic 3 (41% approval)
4. Panic 4 (61% approval)
3. Panic – 2022 (78% approval)
2. Panic (79% approval)
1. Panic 2 (81% approval)

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In general consensus, “Critics praised the tone, narrative, performances and resurgence of the slasher saga with the new feature film.”

See the main comments below:

“Brutally gory, gloriously self-referential and genuinely entertaining, ‘Scream’ pays homage to the past while still fully standing.”, The Jam Report.

“It may not be so outrageously banal in its approach, but this fifth film in the Scream franchise has something in common with The Matrix: Resurrections in its scathing commentary on our contemporary film culture.”, Flicks.

“It may not match the original, but the new ‘Panic’ is up there with ‘Panic 2’ as the best sequel in the series” – Digital Spy.

“It’s fun without diminishing the audience or genre, it’s scary without needing cheap scares or imitations, and it’s fun and unpredictable” – The AU Review.

“I really like how [‘Pânico’] make fun of yourself” – Nerd Reactor.

“A success worthy of the crown of Wes Craven” – THN.

“The new film successfully continues the tradition of ‘Panic’ evolving, through original and poignant commentary on the horror genre – but one of the most incredible qualities of the fifth chapter is that it is absolutely exuding love and respect for the franchise” – Perri Nemiroff.

The film will be released by Paramount Pictures in national cinemas on the day January 13, the day before the North American premiere.

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin e Tyler Gillett , from the praised terror ‘Bloody Wedding‘, are responsible for the direction.

Twenty-five years after a series of brutal murders shocked the quiet town of Woodsboro, a new assassin appropriates the mask of Ghostface and begins stalking a group of teenagers to uncover secrets from the town’s deadly past, causing Sidney Prescott Return to unravel the mystery.

Panic | Key points to pay attention to in the first trailer – including a theory that could change the franchise

The cast has the return of Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courteney Cox e Marley Shelton, in addition to introducing newcomers Melissa barrera, Dylan Minnette, Jenna Ortega, Mason Gooding, Kyle Gallner, Jack Quaid, Jasmin Savoy Brown e Mikey Madison.

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