Scream 6: Will Ghostface Return?

Ghostface runs amok for the fifth time. Will it stay that way or are the creators planning “Scream 6”?

Since January 13, 2022, slasher fans can finally get the creeps again. Ten years after the last part, the murderous Ghostface returned in “Scream”. Of course, the question is whether it will stay that way or whether viewers can prepare for “Scream 6”.

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“Scream 6”: start already known?

Anyone who is ready for another sequel after the fifth part of the horror franchise and can hardly wait should keep their feet still for the time being, because there are still no official plans for “Scream 6”. However, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be a sixth part. Paramount Pictures may want to wait and see how the Ghostface killer’s latest trick hits cinema audiences before greenlighting Scream 6. But fans shouldn’t give up hope and instead go to the cinema diligently.

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– Warning: Spoilers for “Scream” (2022) follow –

Original cast wants to return for Scream 6

Although the fate of a possible sequel remains unknown, original stars Neve Campbell and David Arquette have already opened up about a potential return for Scream 6. in the Interview mit Screenrant both were willing. However, Campbell makes it dependent on the fans:

“It seems like there’s always a story to tell in Woodsboro and a desire for it. So I think if people get this story [‚Scream‘, Anm. d. Red.] If you like it, I could imagine that there will be a hunger for it. Of course we would all like to be a part of it.”

Anyone who has already seen the fifth “Scream” film may be surprised at David Arquette’s wish for a return, after all he was killed by Ghostface. He could still show up in flashbacks in Scream 6, or encounter Courtney Cox’s character as a hallucination. Eventually, Skeet Ulrich also made a comeback as Billy.

Scream 6 Storyline: What Could Happen?

At the end of Scream, Gale (Cox) promises not to write a book about recent events in Woodsboro. Instead of delivering posthumous fame to Richie (Jack Quaid) and Amber (Mickey Madison), she wants the two Ghostface successors to be forgotten. She wants her next book to be about Dewey’s (David Arquette) exploits.

Just because Gale isn’t writing a book about the two copycats and their killing spree doesn’t mean other psychopaths aren’t inspired by the Woodsboro murders. Before the credits roll in “Scream”, another Ghostface killer can be seen. Did the makers just add a little jump scare or didn’t Richie and Amanda work alone?

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One third Ghosface would make some scenes of the movie seem more logical. Although Amanda bragged to Gale that she killed Dewey, given her stature, it seems unlikely that the teenage girl would win in hand-to-hand combat against a full-grown man. It also seems unlikely that she has the strength to lift and slash an adult with two knives. Since Richie was in Modesto with Sam at the time of the first crime, it would also explain who copied Amber’s cell phone and filmed her through a window.

If Sam (Melissa Barrera) and Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega) return in the sixth film, the possible third unknown Ghostface could be hunting them again. Sidney and Gale would certainly not hesitate and rush to the sisters’ aid. But it’s also likely that Scream 6 will make Sam’s biggest fear come true and make her her father, Billy.

After stabbing Richie, she licked blood and now causes fear and terror herself as a serial killer under the Ghostface mask. So there is not only one idea how the franchise could continue, let’s just hope that the creators decide on one and confirm “Scream 6” very soon.

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