“Scream 6”: This is what the new poster reveals about the next horror part

Two months before the start of “Scream 6” there is a new poster for the horror film for fans. It hides some interesting details.

After fans of “Scream” had to wait more than ten years after part 4 until part 5 was released, they can now be happy that “Scream 6” hitting theaters in just a few months. While “Scream 5” has subjected the series to a gentle reboot that is strongly based on its predecessors, fans can expect a decisive innovation in the upcoming film. The horror film will no longer take place in the small town of Woodsboro, but in New York City.

On new posterposted by the official Scream 6 Twitter account, now presents us with the well-known Ghostface mask as part of the New York subway network:

Each of the subway lines represents one of the six films in the “Scream” series and the respective stations for the victims of Ghostface. Only the line of part 6 is of course not labeled yet. The poster also hides three exciting details: On the one hand, the station from Stu Maker (Matthew Liliard), one of the killers from the first film, a slightly different color than the other stations and the other being the station of Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere) from “Scream 4” as closed and Sam Carpenters (Melissa Barrera) Station is a major transportation hub.

You can get a first glimpse of the new part in the teaser trailer:

Fan-favorite Kirby returns in Scream 6

In “Scream 5” hitman Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) appeared in the form of hallucinations. Perhaps the slightly different color of Stu’s station means we’ll see him again despite his death. With Sam’s station being significantly larger than the others and linked to all parts of the series, we can expect that not only will she play a central role in the new film, but there will be revelations that will bring a new look at the other parts could throw.

However, it is already certain that there will be a reunion with fan favorite Kirby, who was stabbed several times in the fourth part. Although her body was not shown in the film, it was actually clear that she did not survive the killer’s attack. Nevertheless, many fans hoped that she would perform again at some point. Her return was finally hinted at in Scream 5. There is a shot that shows Dewey (David Arquette) storing her name on his cell phone. If you want to see for yourself, you can stream “Scream 5” on Paramount+, for example. The closed station on the poster has now finally confirmed Kirby’s survival.

The sixth “Scream” film will start in cinemas on March 9, 2023 in Germany.

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