Scream 5 is Spider-Man: No Homecoming Horror

Already in theaters in Brazil, Scream 5 should represent for horror enthusiasts everything that Spider-Man: No Return Home was for superhero fans. After all, the film sees the return of some of the franchise’s most beloved characters – including the killer Ghostface.

“Twenty-five years after a series of brutal murders shocked sleepy Woodsboro, a new killer dons the Ghostface mask, and proceeds to prey on a group of teenagers to relive secrets from the town’s shocking past.” by Paramount Pictures.

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The big mystery is: who is the man (or woman!) behind the mask. The film’s subtitle says everything fans need to know: “It’s always someone you know.”

The film is a sequel to Scream 4, originally released in 2011. Scream 5 is also the first film in the franchise without Wes Craven in the director’s chair. After all, the filmmaker passed away in 2014.

Why is Scream 5 the Spider-Man: No Return Home for horror fans?

By bringing back classic villains, Spider-Man: No Homecoming proved that the past is just as lucrative as the present.

As a result, horror fans began listing names with the potential to take on the Ghostface mask in Scream 5.

A good example is Stu, Billy’s accomplice in the first film in the Scream franchise, released in 1996.

Another is Randy, Sidney’s friend who knew all about horror movie clichés, and was tragically killed in Scream 2. Or did he survive?

While horror movies are famous for their surprises, in this new era they also stand out for bringing back familiar faces and iconic figures.

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There is also the possibility that the killer is among Sidney Prescott’s main allies, Neve Campbell’s character Gale Weathers and Sheriff Dewey – in addition to Sidney herself.

“For starters, it’s possible that Sidney or one of his friends succumbed to years of torment, thus assuming the mask of Ghostface. Even the purest heroes can succumb to the darkest desires.

For multiple films, Sidney, Dewey and Gale were close to death, but none of them paid the ultimate price.

That said, in a new age of horror, the rules are changing, and one of the protagonists – or more than one of them – could die in Scream 5.

The narrative decision would make sense if it were accompanied by the arrival of a new hero. As the cast of Scream 5 has several young actors, everything indicates that they are the ones who will continue the franchise.

“In an era where nostalgia is more popular than ever, films like Spider-Man 3 prove that potential. Now, horror fans will have their own Homecoming, in a film packed with classic possibilities, thrills and scares for a new audience.”

Spider-Man: No Coming Home and Scream 5 are in theaters in Brazil. Watch the trailer for Scream 5 below.

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