Scream 3: Courteney Cox reveals the backstory of her hideous bangs

As the new chapter of Scream hits Italian cinemas, Courteney Cox remembers with horror the ominous bangs sported by her character in Scream 3.

The new Scream has been in Italian cinemas since yesterday. For the occasion, the stars of the popular horror franchise let themselves go to memories. Courteney Cox, in particular, revealed the background of thehorrible bangs that his character flaunts in Scream 3.

Scream 3: Courteney Cox reveals the backstory of her hideous bangs

Courteney Cox has starred in all five Scream films, bringing the character of journalist Gale Weathers to life with ferocity and humor. But in the third installment of the Wes Craven franchise, Scream 3, Gale sports a unique hairstyle that became infamous at the time. Cox recently talked about what really happened with her look on the Drew Barrymore Show revealing:

“Oh my God, it was terrible, I forgot about it. There is nothing worse. This was a great life lesson because it will be forever in the movie. And we only had one chance to choose, one chance to have that. Bangs. I remember they cut my hair on set. You should have a bang that starts here, way back. And this is the part where the bangs start. For some reason someone moved it and started cutting. I thought , ‘I have no choice left’ “.

And this is the rule of show business. Sometimes an on-set mistake becomes movie history, and that’s exactly what happened for Scream 3. And it seems Courteney Cox has learned her lesson, especially as beloved films are revisited by the most avid fandom every year.

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