Scientists with new theory about Bruce Lee’s mysterious death: He drank too much water

49 years after his mysterious death, a group of researchers now believe they know what took Bruce Lee’s life.

And apparently it was water.

The martial arts star apparently lived on an excessively liquid diet that his kidneys were unable to excrete, according to a scientific paper to be published in the next issue of Clinical Kidney Journal.

Bruce Lee was 32 years old and at the peak of his career when one day in 1973 he went to sleep and never woke up again. At the autopsy, the doctors found that he had a swelling in the brain, and the cause of death was hypersensitivity to the sedative meprobamate.

But it was not the first time that Bruce Lee had used the medicine in question, and in the years after his death several theories arose.

A fatal ingestion of either cocaine or cannabis was suggested. So did that Bruce Lee had been secretly killed by gangsters or that he had been hit by a Chinese curse – this theory is based on his older brother suffering cot death and his son, Brandon Lee, being killed by a fatal shot from a dummy gun during filming.

The most plausible, in addition to the official cause of death, were heat stroke or epilepsy. But according to Bruce Lee’s wife, Linda Lee Cadwell, the movie star never suffered from epilepsy.

She, on the other hand, was able to tell how Bruce Lee lost his appetite in the last years of his life and began to live on carrots and apple juice.

And by the way, he drank an incredible amount of water.

Among other things, because his use of cannabis gave him an increased thirst, reads the report, where the researchers conclude that Bruce Lee had a dysfunction in the kidney, which made him unable to excrete the increased amount of water.

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