Scientists are building a “black box” which will record the end of humanity!

“If we don’t seriously transform our way of life, global warming – or other perils we create – will lead to the collapse of our civilization. “ This is what the researchers think who have imagined a black box project intended to methodically record each of the stages that will lead to the end of humanity.

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In all planes there is a Black Box. It records all operations carried out by the crew. In case of’accident, it allows the thread of the disaster to be traced. To understand what led to the crash. And what Australian researchers – and artists – are proposing today is to imagine the same thing, but on a global scale. A gigantic black box intended to record day by day data on how we are fighting against global warming. With the aim of leaving valuable information on ” the crash “ from humanity to the populations that could survive us … or to extraterrestrial civilizations.

Like the black box of an airplane, placed in the safest place of an airplane, the machine is being construction in the place designated by researchers as the safest on our planet – for its geographic and political stability in particular. Qatar or Norway were considered. It is ultimately the west coast of the Tasmania – it should be noted that the project in question was born, precisely, at the University of Tasmania – which was selected.

And this Earth’s Black Box – understand “The black box of the Earth” -, large as a bus – something like ten meters long – and somewhat in the shape of an overturned bus shelter, will be covered with a layer of more than 7 centimeters ofsteel tempered and granite. To enable it to resist all kinds of catastrophes.

An impartial account of events

At the heart of the system, a series of HDDs powered by energy solar and connected to Internet. These storage units will record – one beta version is already on the way, accessible on the websiteEarth’s Black Box – global temperatures, ocean acidification, data on land use, military spending, energy consumption and even world population growth. One will also find the headlines there, publications on social networks or the main information from the meetings on the climate change.

Hold our leaders to account

At any time, it will be possible – the “how” remains to be determined – to access the climate data contained in this incredible black box. Because if the idea appears at first glance especially as apocalyptic, the intention of the researchers is above all, thanks to “An impartial account of events”, to offer us the bases on which to hold our leaders to account by recording their action … or their inaction. A way of reminding everyone of their responsibilities. With the hope of ultimately inspiring urgent action to pull us out of this misstep. “When people are recorded, it usually has an influence on what they say and what they do”, hope the researchers behind the project.

If the operation were to fail and thehumanity had to crumble, this black box would remain as the sad witness of our disaster. Assuming of course that the entire Earth has not, too, been destroyed – in which case, of course, the black box would not resist – and that the civilizations which find it will be able to decipher its messages …

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