Sci-Fi Epic Continues: Hollywood Legend Becomes The Most Powerful Man In The Universe In Dune 2

After Florence Pugh was cast for “Dune: Part Two” at the beginning of the year, another big Hollywood star has now been confirmed for the sequel to the science fiction spectacle.

With a box office result of approx $400 million Denis Villeneuve’s blockbuster “Dune” didn’t prove to be an exorbitant box office hit, but Warner Bros. seemed to think the film was successful enough to get a continuation to commission. After all, “Dune” only tells the first half of the literary original and would not form a complete story without the upcoming sequel. If you haven’t seen the sci-fi epic yet, Prime Video has the title available to both buy and rent.

For “Dune: Part Two” the studio is now busy recruiting actors for the open roles. At the beginning of the year, two newcomers were confirmed in “Midsommar” actress Florence Pugh and 30-year-old actor Austin Butler, who will soon be seen as the eponymous pop star in “Elvis”. Now there is one more true Hollywood legend into the cast ranks.

Because how The Hollywood Reporters reported, is Christopher Walken get involved in the intergalactic conflict of the noble families. The 79-year-old actor is known for films such as Catch Me If You Can, Sleepy Hollow, True Romance and Pulp Fiction. He received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1979 for his role as traumatized soldier Nick Chevotarevich in Hell.

As part of the first film, we were allowed to meet the stars of “Dune” for an interview. You can find out what the actors had to say in our video:

Dune: The stars in an interview

What role will Christopher Walker play in Dune: Part Two?

Christopher Walken gets to follow in the footsteps of Jose Ferrer in Dune: Part Two and the most powerful man in the universe to play: Emperor Shaddam IV. from the house of Corrino. Jose Ferrer previously portrayed the 83-year-old ruler in David Lynch’s 1984 Dune film, The Desert Planet. Florence Pugh will play Princess Irulan Corrino, the Emperor’s daughter.

Filming on Dune: Part Two is slated to begin this summer in Budapest. Denis Villeneuve, who wrote the screenplay together with Jon Spaihts, is once again in the director’s chair. How Christopher Walken will fare as Emperor Shaddam, we will from the October 19, 2023 find out when “Dune: Part Two” starts in cinemas in this country.

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