Schreuder sees Ajax not fulfilling agreements: ‘Then it seems that you are tactically wrong’

Alfred Schreuder notes that not all agreements are currently being fulfilled at Ajax. Talking to the NOS the coach indicates that a match such as the one against Vitesse would normally just be won, were it not that the defensive organization is vulnerable.

“With every team that plays a lot in the opponent’s half, you get those transition moments,” Ajax’s head coach starts about the goals against. The first one is very clumsy. We play too short a ball and after that a few things don’t go well. The second is especially bad for me. When you attack on the left, you just know that your right side has to face in. We don’t do that and then it looks like you’re tactically completely wrong. We are, but those are normal agreements. Only it doesn’t happen.’

There is currently a lot to do around the person of Daley Blind. The Ajax player has lost his starting place and there are sounds of grumbling between the two. “I think he’s coming in just fine today. He played everything with me from the beginning. I made other choices and explained them. For the rest, he just has to keep going. If someone like Daley isn’t playing, it makes sense that he wouldn’t be happy about it. But nothing happened.’

During and after the game, part of the audience called again for Schreuder’s departure. He understands the frustration, but keeps faith. “I understand the emotion of the fans. If you don’t create chances anymore, we don’t play in the opponent’s half and we don’t put pressure on the opponent, then you have to worry. If you no longer see an experience, then you should be concerned, but I have seen that.’

Schreider does not give up

Despite the heavy blows that Ajax has to deal with, Schreuder tries to keep his head up and look for better times. “Of course, we’re not giving up. We just keep going and know what we’re doing. We just have to keep that up. It is a development and that is part of football. We have to improve it.’

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