Schreuder not satisfied with Brobbey and Kudus couple: ‘But also had to deal with poor supply’

Ajax coach Alfred Schreuder was not satisfied with the performance of Brian Brobbey and Mohammed Kudus as a couple against PSV. Kudus played for the first time as an attacking midfielder under Brobbey, but Schreuder had expected more from that.

Brobbey is on the bench against Vitesse and Kudus is in the lead. In conversation with ESPN Schreuder explains the choice to separate the duo after just one duel. ‘We were not completely satisfied with that couple, but that also had to do with the poor supply. We had hoped that there would be more interaction and dynamics, because they both (Brobbey and Kudus, ed.) have a lot of power and speed. But we weren’t good enough with the ball and that’s why we didn’t get into the spaces we actually want to play.’ Schreuder also takes Brobbey’s physical capacity into account in his choice to pass him against Vitesse. ‘You mustn’t forget where Brobbey comes from. He played ninety minutes and we now play three games in six days.’

Subsequently, Schreuder is full of praise for his defensive duo in the heart of the defense. Although the Ajax coach thinks that Jurriën Timber and especially Calvin Bassey should bring more to the ball. “We would like to leave the center as we think it is very strong defensively. But in possession it has to go much faster. Normally that is a quality of Timber, but we know that Bassey still has to improve on that. We want to give him that time and he needs it. We all know how things went with Martínez and Álvarez in the past’, Schreuder refers to the adjustment time that both foreign (former) Ajax players needed.

Spare roll Daley Blind


Finally, Schreuder zooms in on Daley Blind’s reserve role. The experienced left leg is against Vitesse for the third time in a row on the bench at Ajax. ‘We discussed this with each other and I made a choice’, says Schreuder. “I am convinced that Daley is a very good passer. He always puts other people in position. Well, I’ll make a different choice. Rangers-out we have solved it well with Owen as left back, so we have already shown how we can do that’, concludes the Ajax coach.

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