Schreuder must hope for the dressing room: ‘That’s what it’s all about, the players’

Alfred Schreuder must hope that he still has support from the Ajax players, Ruud Gullit knows. The analyst of Rondo on Ziggo Sport sees that the Amsterdam club is in a mediocre form and then the trainer is quickly looked at.

According to the former international, the attitude of the players towards Schreuder should be looked at in particular. “It is sustainable if he still has the dressing room. That’s what it’s all about, the players. I read that Van der Vaart said that there might be sabotage. I thought that was quite a statement. When that happens, things get tricky. I think the board will now see if he still has the dressing room.’

After Ajax’s 3-3 draw against FC Emmen, Steven Bergwijn, among others, appeared in front of the camera. He indicated that people at Ajax did not know what they were doing and that surprises Gullit. ‘They are Dutch national team players, aren’t they? You want to win, don’t you know what to do? That’s impossible?’

In turn, Jan Mulder looks one stop further. “Whether you have the team is one thing, but whether you have the fans… They’re standing there with placards saying Get lost. The fans are getting more and more power. I tell a child to grab a white handkerchief in the ArenA. How does it exist? It shouldn’t.’

‘The Ajax audience is spoiled’

Gullit sees that Schreuder does not have the selection he would like to work with so far. Moreover, the expectations of the outside world are very high. ‘The Ajax crowd is spoiled. They come to see if they are doing well. And how does Napoli get it into her head to play so well? The criticism is never so much towards themselves. I think this period might be a very good period for them.’

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