Schreuder is not afraid of being fired: “Don’t worry about that”

Ajax coach Alfred Schreuder is disappointed by the draw against Vitesse. Ajax had enough chances to secure the victory, but played a draw due to slackening in the transition. Schreuder is not happy about that, but the Ajax coach is nevertheless not afraid for his job.

In conversation with ESPN Schreuder still sees leads after the new loss of points. “The result is definitely not good, but the boys showed drive in the way they played. We created a lot of chances and of course we have to win much bigger here. The fact that those opportunities are not taken up fits with the phase we are in. The players do everything they can and eventually those balls will go in. We have to hold on to this.’

Schreuder is angry about the way Ajax conceded two goals against Vitesse. With both hits, the team from Amsterdam was easily slaughtered in the transition after losing the ball. “It’s not the first time this has happened and we definitely need to improve. I especially find the second goal poignant. It is a clear agreement that the right side must close when we attack over the left flank. I don’t think this is deliberately not being done, but we will have to address this quickly. We are not satisfied with this,’ says Schreuder, who then says not to despair. “This team is in full development. In terms of football, this was a big difference with Sunday (against PSV, ed.), but defensively we have to do better tactically.’

Future at Ajax


Finally, Schreuder is asked about his future at Ajax. The trainer is under great pressure and was also booed by the Ajax crowd during and after the duel with Vitesse. Yet Schreuder himself is not afraid for his job at Ajax. “I don’t worry about that myself and that’s not up to me. This is part of football, so you know how it can go. But I don’t worry about that because I can’t control it. I’m just working on my team and we need to improve that. We gave a good response today (Wednesday, ed.), but the fact that we didn’t win is of course very disappointing.’

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