SchoolMouv: when a high school student imagines the tutoring of tomorrow

Because he hadn’t found any online resources to get his baccalaureate, Shannon Picardo, a young man from Toulouse, imagined a tutoring platform on the internet: SchoolMouv. Thanks to years of hard work, the EdTech start-up offers thousands of content, including highly watched videos. We say 20 out of 20.

It is almost useless to specify it, when one gets to know him: in 2011, Shannon Picardo, founding CEO of Schoolmouv, graduated with honors. The young Toulousain, creator of a start-up which now employs around fifty people, precisely found his idea in his experience as a high school student in Terminale.

“I was looking for a solution on the internet, to find online content that would allow me to revise my baccalaureate, remembers the not yet thirty-something. At the time, I only found a Youtube channel that allowed me to dig up the geo-history. I gave the address to my friends. It’s true that it worked really well, but I thought to myself: why not make an online kit that brings together all the National Education content?

Shannon Picardo worked on her idea from her first year of bachelor.

“I never imagined that there was so much content to produce”

Bac in hand, he joined the Toulouse Business School, where he had the opportunity to dig into the subject. From his first year of bachelor, his project joined the school incubator. He is therefore accompanied to work on his future box, but is confronted alone with the difficulties of the equation: “I was very naive at first. I thought it was going to be easy to find teachers, ask them to deliver content. I never imagined that there were so many to produce!”recalls Shannon, who learned to “moving forward, step by step”.

The first step is taken with videos posted on Youtube, like those that had helped the young man when preparing for his baccalaureate.. “We started with video because nobody really offered it, and we didn’t have the means to create a website at the beginning”. The formula has been popular with his young peers who, he knows, appreciate the format: “We made thousands and thousands of views, which allowed us to find the money to accelerate. Because we had the vision to offer something very complete, a kind of online school manual, with videos but also lessons, exercises, quizzes, sheets…”

Beyond the videos, SchoolMouv offers thousands of online content, in line with the curriculum.

Beyond the videos, SchoolMouv offers thousands of online content, in line with the curriculum.

Thousands of content made with the support of teachers

A successful bet, thanks to the hard work provided from the launch of the first version of the Schoolmouv site, in 2015. It now brings together no less than 12,000 written contents, including more than 7,000 for secondary school, in line with the Education program. national.

A challenge, especially when the State adds in passing a reform of the baccalaureate. “In 2018, at the time of the announcement, we had to redo the entire catalog! We did well, but it took two years of work”.

The secret of the start-up: it can count on 200 National Education teachers, from whom it orders content ”according to strict specifications”. “The documents are then taken over by our educational teams, to be formatted and published on our site. For videos, for example, we have a production team and a team of screenwriters. The document is scripted. Then it goes to filming in our studio, with actors”.

The videos, shot with actors, from scenarios faithful to documents designed by teachers.

The videos, shot with actors, from scenarios faithful to documents designed by teachers.

The result: videos whose staging is completed by “animation and motion design”who “retake a course in summary” and “can allow the student to understand it, in about ten minutes”. A fun medium, well suited to a generation of surfers and gamers.

Technology that adapts to student errors

Because Schoolmouv has one line: to offer tailor-made to registered students. EdTech thus uses the intuitive possibilities offered by new technologies, in particular theadaptive learning. “For example, we offer self-participatory mini-challenges, which allow students to learn while having fun. The exercise will automatically adapt to the level of the learner, depending on their mistakes”illustrates Shannon.

Adding animations, motion design: a format that is popular with young people.

Adding animations, motion design: a format that is popular with young people.

In addition, the content is above all designed for the mobile application – iOS and android – which brings together half of the users. Here too, it is a question of taking account of a reality, and of reducing a divide that is both digital and social: “Not all young people have computers – we work with social landlords, who offer our solution to their tenants, precisely to reduce social inequalities. On the other hand, all households have a smartphone and can access our apps. This is why our product is first designed for the mobile version, before being developed for the web: we want to be sure that it adapts to use”.

Some of the content in free access

There remains the price, which must be accessible. Two subscription formulas exist, from 9.99 euros and 19.99 euros per month. They allow access to all content, but also, for the second, to benefit from homework help with a very real teacher. “A dozen teachers are connected at certain times and if the student has a question, he can ask it by opening the chat bubble and get his answer”explains Shannon.

The young CEO remains silent on the number of subscribers – “we do not communicate on the subject” – but he recognizes it: most of the registered “are on the free formula”. Because it is always possible to access, in a limited way, certain content without having to pay, just by creating an account. The option largely explains the success of this online tutoring: more than two million users in France since the start. That is “one in two high school students, one in three college students”, extrapolates the Toulousain.

After the parenthesis imposed by the Covid, SchoolMouv has regained good growth since the start of the school year.

After the parenthesis imposed by the Covid, SchoolMouv has regained good growth since the start of the school year.

Activity has resumed since the start of the school year, for this EdTech as for others: “We’ve seen good growth, around 30% compared to last year. Since September, 80,000 new students have been joining the solution each month on the free plan”. Because here it is: we had to cross the Covid parenthesis. “There have been two complicated years. The students didn’t go to class, had no exams, no academic pressure. And at the time of the first confinement, we were the first to offer our service for the symbolic euro. Several tens of thousands of families have benefited from this solidarity offer, and have been able to access all our resources when we could not yet ensure educational continuity”. One more mention for Shannon…

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A tool also for teachers

SchoolMouv is an illustration of this: education technologies – EdTech in the jargon – are on the rise. “Since the Covid, we have seen that there is a real desire to invest in solutions that make it possible to develop and democratize school support. We must not forget that the level of the students fell sharply during the period”, recalls Shannon Picardo. Who wishes to correct a widespread idea: the threat of a dehumanized, robotized education. “This does not replace the teacher, his experience, his pedagogy. The proof: today we work with Acadomia, which offers our solution to all its customers. It comes in addition to private lessons”. The founder also thinks that it is a good tool “for teachers, who can use it as a resource bank and to revise their students”. It is still necessary to cross the door of the schools, locked by a very convoluted public purchasing system. Since the start of the school year, students from 22 high schools have had access to SchoolMouv, in Ile-de-France and Centre-Val de Loire. The Regions concerned have in fact decided to finance its deployment within the establishments themselves. The startup’s next project is similarly aimed at teachers. During the break imposed by the Covid, SchoolMouv, not one to rest on its laurels, worked on the design of a digital textbook, which will be “100% customizable. The teacher will be able to change the order of the chapters, add documents, accumulate content, etc., so that the manual corresponds to his way of transmitting the lessons”. It will be available in the fall of 2023.

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