School, the restart splits principals, teachers and parents. All the unknowns, from shortages of staff to Ffp2 not provided to institutions

If you return to school, or maybe it’s better to say you try to go back to school. Because at the sound of the bell 100 thousand employees of the Ministry of Education will be absent for reasons related to Covid. Not only. According to the forecasts of All-school There are 200 thousand classes (out of 369 thousand) that could have pupils in dad with cases where those in presence will be far fewer than those in dad. At the end of the day, after fifteen days of discussions on the restart, we arrive at the start with an Italy split in two. The government is divided among those who swear allegiance to the minister Patrizio Bianchi e al premier Mario Draghi – ready for anything to reopen – and those who, even in the majority, have many doubts but confide in them without public announcements so as not to annoy the driver. The front of the governors has a tooth poisoned with Palazzo Chigi so much so that the president Luca Zaia a Republic he said: “We will see a big fake reopening.” But the council of ministers is ready to challenge the order of the Campania Region which postponed the shooting de visu for two weeks.

Those who work every day between the benches arrive on the eve exasperated. THE school leaders they are at war with each other: in 2500 have appealed to Draghi and Bianchi to ask for two weeks of distance learning and denounce a little school safe while other colleagues say of to be ashamed the position of the person who wrote the letter. On the front of the other war teachers: in 25mil have signed the online petition launched by “Teaching profession”Who considers the reopening in attendance to be“ madness ”. Let’s not talk about the parents: the movement “Priority to school“, For once, he agrees with the government even though he would have liked to tracing, ffp2 for everyone, Facilities of ventilation. Many others will not, however, send their children to school for fear of infection. In short, children and young people will have to return to the classroom with many unknowns. Here are the main obstacles to re-entry.

Personal. The estimate of the number one of the National Association of Principals Antonello Giannelli is 100 thousand absent. “There is certainly the possibility that there is a lack of staff,” Minister Bianchi admitted today. There will be no teachers who are positive, those who are close contacts (if they do not have the booster and five months have passed since the second dose) but also those who have been suspended because they have not regularized their vaccination status. In Veneto, the head of the regional school office sul Courier service regional announced that there will not be one in ten teachers; in total between 8 and 10 thousand workers out of 80 thousand. In the institutes of the Lazio, on the other hand, 7 thousand employees will be absent (including school collaborators and teachers). The question is which to find alternates it will not be easy because in part they are sick more, not all of them are willing to accept a contract blindly: teachers who have not been vaccinated, in fact, could do so at any moment and have the right to return to the professorship. Same unknown for the positives: it is not known when they will negativize and it is not known when they will get the new green pass.

Vaccinations. Children between five and eleven who have yet to receive one dose (single or not) they are 3,055,619 or 83.58, according to the data of January 7 provided by the commissioner. Last week they were l’88%. If you continue at this pace, you will only be able to complete your vaccinations when school is over. The president of the National Association of Principals has asked several times to speed up and to carry out a greater information campaign on parents but so far it seems to take off little or nothing. Meanwhile theHigher Institute of Health raises the alarm: the age group between five and eleven is the one that is registering the greatest increase in cases among children. There is still a strong increase in hospitalizations for the little ones of five years, equal to over 10 per 1,000,000 inhabitants. From north to south, pediatric hospitals are suffering. Only in the fifteen major hospitals for minors in the last week are 132 children hospitalized

Ffp2. School administrators ask for them for all teachers. An online appeal launched by the teacher Luigi Sofia to have the masks for each teacher and professor, it collected over 2,500 supporters. The microbiologist Andrea Crisanti confirmed al that the surgeries do not serve against Delta e Omicron and that Ffp2 “is worth more than the vaccine”. Yet on the benches there will still be surgical which continue to be sent to schools even though no one uses them. The Undersecretary for Education Rossano Sasso al Corriere del Mezzogiorno he said: “I will ask for more money to be allocated to guarantee it free for all.” A promise without dates, without certainties. For now, Ffp2 will arrive (but not immediately) only for the teachers of the kindergarten and for the teachers who live together in the classroom with pupils who are exempt from wearing protective equipment.

Non-existent spacing. Today at “Half an hour more“, the general Francesco Figliuolo speaking of the return to class, he said that “schools are safe places, with masks, with distancing, and it is very important from a social point of view, including social equity. The tracking, testing, we are already activated before Christmas “. We have already talked about the masks above. The distancing mentioned by Figliuolo it never existed. The Scientific technical committee in September he recommended it “where possible”, so in many schools the principals have solved the problem of space.

Closed schools. There are not a few pupils who will not return to school. In Campania he resumes all in distance learning until the end of the month. In Sicily, at Palazzo d’Orleans, they decided to reopen the classrooms Thursday 13. In the Milanese area, three municipalities will keep schools closed until the 14th. In Calabria the mayor of Reggio has decided to close it until the 15th. A Bellegra (Rome) the mayor also said stop teaching in the presence as well as prohibiting playing cards at the bar. Nobody in class even a Civita Castellana in the Viterbo area. There are no longer the administrations that have decided to give safety to children and teachers by keeping them at home.

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