School teacher had to put photos of Pakistan Cricket players expensive – matter related to Neerja Modi School of Udaipur.

School teacher had to put photos of Pakistan cricket players expensive, after India-Pakistan cricket match, the school teacher had put photos of Pakistani players in his WhatsApp status, teaching at Neerja Modi School in Udaipur Nafisa Attari was expelled by the school.

Whenever there is an India-Pakistan cricket match, people often leave all their work and get busy watching the match. Because the long-standing enmity between India and Pakistan is also going on. That is why the cricket match between India and Pakistan is very much liked in India. Recently the T20 World Cup is being organized in Dubai and in this In the T20 World Cup, the teams of India and Pakistan clashed face to face on Sunday, 24 October 2021, but Pakistan’s team performed very well and won against India.

After that, all the Indians are also very sad, because whenever there is a cricket match between India and Pakistan, most of the Indian team wins. The matter does not end here, Pakistan Cricket Team has won but people living in India should also like Indian Cricket Team.

But some people don’t think so at all. Recently a news has come out in which it has come to know that a teacher from Rajasthan state praised her for winning Pakistan and also said that she supports Pakistan. After this, this news reached the school and is also going viral on social media, after which strict action has been taken against the teacher, about which we will give you complete information.

The teacher of Neerja Modi School, Udaipur was expelled

  • Neerja Modi School, which is in Udaipur, teaches a teacher named Nafisa Attari. Recently, when the India-Pakistan Cricket Match was organized in the T20 world cup, this teacher praised the Pakistan Cricket Team and wrote on her WhatsApp Status that “Jeet Gaye,, We Won”. “And someone also said that it supports Pakistan. When this matter reached the Neerja Modi School Administration, an important decision was taken by Sojatia Charitable Trust, Udaipur to find out the whereabouts of this teacher.

  • This teacher was immediately expelled from the school. The way Nafisa Attari behaved when the Pakistan Cricket Team won. This type of behavior is not good even for the children studying in the school, because the teacher’s doing this also affects the students badly. That is why Nafisa Attari was immediately expelled from the school on 25 October 2021 by Sojatia Charitable Trust, Udaipur.

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