School, free tests for secondary school students “contacts” of a positive classmate. No green pass obligation on school buses

They will be free i test Covid for the students of the lower and upper secondary schools that have been in contact with a positive pupil. One foresees it circular of the extraordinary commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo signed on Saturday, in view of the reopening of schools on Monday. Once informed, the family must call the general practitioner who, “where deemed necessary, will proceed to carry out the swab independently or to issue suitable prescription medical for the execution of the free test“In pharmacies or in structures that adhere to the memorandum of understanding on the controlled price of rapid tampons signed last summer. As long as there is room, of course.

Today, speaking on TV during the program Half an hour more on Rai3, Figliuolo defended the government’s decision to reopen schools despite appeals to the contrary by regional presidents and presidents, saying that they are “a safe place with masks and spacersor. Face-to-face lessons are also important from a point of view social equity: there are realities in the area, such as some areas in the south, where there is still little possibility of accessing wifi “.

In the meantime, the Ministry of Health has clarified that, despite thereinforced green pass obligation to travel on public transport, access to the only ones school bus students over 12 will be allowed until 10 February even without green certification, with the sole obligation of mask Ffp2. The National Union of Municipalities Mountain Bodies had asked for information underlining that the concern of the mayors for the applicability of the rule given that in small towns there is not always an assistant on board the school buses.

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