Schedule of “Family Secrets” for Sunday March 19

Family secrets” is one of the most watched programs in all Spain. Its history, drama and characters have made thousands of families become followers of Turkish fiction, meeting in front of their televisions every Sunday night.

The story of the characters Ceylin and Ilgaz It is having greater challenges due to all the discoveries that have been made over the weeks. Their relationship could be at stake and it will only depend on them to make the best decision for the future.

On the other hand, all attention is on Engin, who is not dead. Now, the authorities’ investigations are focused on finding out his true whereabouts.

For this and many other things, the episode that will be broadcast on Sunday March 19 is unmissable, so now we leave you with the necessary information so that you know how to see this premiere episode through the Antena 3 screen.


Taking into account that there were weeks in which the start of the Turkish soap opera varied for different reasons, it is important to know what time its transmission will begin in each episode premiere so that its faithful viewers do not miss a single detail of the interesting story.

This week, The chapter on Sunday, March 19, has been scheduled to start at 10:00 p.m.. In other words, Turkish fiction will begin to air in its traditional schedule, without and never any unforeseen changes.


Ilgaz recriminates Ceylin

Ceylin had received a video from Engin, claiming that he had planned her murder and that he was still alive. This gave a tremendous turn in the story, but she decided to keep that secret and not even tell Ilgaz, who had to move to discover what his girlfriend was hiding.

The former prosecutor reproached her for not telling the truth, while she claimed not to have said anything because she wanted Yekta to stay in jail for the many crimes he committed in the past that went unpunished.

The characters of Ceylin and Ilgaz in the Turkish soap opera “Family Secrets” (Photo: Ay Yapım)

Yekta released from prison

Engin’s video leaves Yekta innocent, so the authorities release him, but he is very upset by all the people who caused him to be arrested for allegedly murdering his own son.

His wife, who had testified against him, apologizes and blames Ceylin for having manipulated her into getting him arrested. Then, the prosecutor in the case shows the video to the couple, because they had to know that their son was still alive.

Uğur Polat as Yekta in the Turkish soap opera "Family Secrets" (Photo: Ay Yapım

Uğur Polat as Yekta in the Turkish soap opera “Family Secrets” (Photo: Ay Yapım

Serdar and his deal to get out of jail

Çinar, Serdar, Tügce and Parla were stopped on the highway for a routine check that was not surprising until the police realized that there was a charred body in the trunk. After investigations, it was concluded that she was a young woman.

The sole culprit of the murder was also decreed to be Serdar, who asks him to help Ilgaz get out of jail in exchange for important information about Ceylin’s father and Ilgaz’s brother.


Turkish soap opera “Family secrets” it may look each Sunday, through Antenna 3 in Spain, from 10:00 p.m. (local time)although there are weeks in which the start can be modified by the channel.

You can also watch the recent installments of the series from the platform Atresplayer Premium. You only need a subscription to enjoy the episodes, exclusive previews and additional material from the fiction.

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