Schedule and how to see the new episodes of “Hercai” season 2 on Telemundo

The soap opera “Hercai: love and revenge”Is a Turkish production that during its first season made the audience vibrate with each of its chapters where love, deception and revenge were intertwined between its protagonists. Thus, this production became one of the favorites in several countries of the world. Currently, fans are looking forward to the premiere of season 2.

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Hercai”, During its first season, was broadcast by Telemundo and it is the same television network that will bring the second season of the production to the screens, which is considered one of the most watched in recent times.

It should be noted that “Hercai”Is based on the novel by Sümeyye Koç, which translated into Spanish reads as“ Pride ”. “Hercai: love and revenge“Is starring por Ebru Sahin who embodies Reyyan Sadoglu and by Akin Akinözü who plays Miran Aslanbey.

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Hercai es protagonizada por Akın Akınözü y Ebru Şahin.

In its original broadcast, the telenovela has 69 episodes, which have been spread over three seasons. Season 1 features 12; the second, 26 and season 3, 31. His final in Turkey occurred on April 25, 2021.


To the joy of the thousands of followers of “Hercai: love and revenge”This production will have a second season that will be released from this 17th of November.

The Turkish soap opera can be seen from Monday to Friday at 9:00 p.m. (local time). This will continue the story of Reyyan and They watch, a young couple who will fight for their love despite various setbacks that will arise.


As during the first installment, this production in its season 2 can be seen by the Telemundo signal.

Precisely, Telemundo through its official website announced the advance of what this new installment of the Ottoman success will bring.

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Through a collage of scenes among which the protagonists appear Reyyan and Miran a voiceover is heard where they point out that the new episodes “will take your breath away”.

Telenovela followers can also watch each of the chapters through the official Telemundo website where the broadcast episodes are constantly published.


The pregnancy of Reyyan It was high risk so the life of the mother or child was in danger at the time of birth. The wife of They watch She is aware of this and was willing to die so that her son lives, but not everyone knows about her situation.

Upon learning of the young woman’s difficult condition, her doctor decided to stop treating her and referred her to another gynecologist who turned out to be Azra; but upon discovering the danger in which the pregnancy of little Umut puts her, the doctor will motivate her to abort.

Scene from the last chapter of Hercai where Miran, his mother and Reyyan appear.
Scene from the last chapter of Hercai where Miran, his mother and Reyyan appear.

The truth is They watch he does not know the decision he has made Reyyan and she hopes he still doesn’t know it, even though her gynecologist is against keeping something so important a secret.

On the other hand, knowing that her son will not be able to meet her, Reyyan prepares to put together an album with photos that will allow Umut to know what his mother is like; But there is an important moment that you do not have enough memories, the day of your wedding.

Fortunately, Miran surprises her with a second marriage proposal that will allow her to recreate the wedding they never had.

Hercai will premiere its second season on Telemundo.
Hercai will premiere its second season on Telemundo.


The drama of “Hercai”Is centered on Reyyan, granddaughter of Sadoglu, one of the most powerful families in Midyat, as well as one of the most cruel. As she is not the biological granddaughter of Nasuh, the clan leader, the young woman is constantly mistreated and humiliated at the expense of her cousin Yaren.

However, that does not prevent They watch, Yaren’s fiancé, falls in love and finally marries her. After their wedding night, and after consummating their marriage, Reyyan discovers that Miran only married her to get revenge on her family. In time, the secrets will be revealed as Reyyan and They watch They will try to appreciate your love despite all obstacles.



Ebru Şahin was born in Istanbul, Turkey, on May 18, 1994. He graduated from Istanbul University in Sports Sciences, specializing in judo, a discipline for which he won three medals. After taking acting lessons, she made her television debut in 2017 in the series “Savaşçi”. Later he participated in “İstanbullu Gelin” and “Yasak Elma”, later in “Hercai”; from 2020 to the present he is the protagonist of “Destan”.

The actress plays Reyyan, the granddaughter of the Şadoğlu family, one of the strongest families in Midyat. Her grandfather Nasuh does not love her and mistreats her because she does not carry her blood. An accident makes him meet Miran, whom he gets to marry, without imagining that he will be the target of revenge.


Akin Akinözü was born in Ankara on September 22, 1990. He attended Ankara TED High School and studied mathematics at the University of California at Berkeley, where he lived for six years before deciding to become an actor. His first role was in the movie “Gaffur” (2014) and he has starred in several series, being “Hercai” the one that brought him to fame.

The actor plays Miran Aslanbey, who loses his parents as a child to the Şadoğlu family. His grandmother raises him and prepares him for many years to avenge his family. The plan: marry Reyyan, and although it hurts him a lot, he ends up falling in love with her.


In its original broadcast, the telenovela has a total of 69 episodes, which have been spread over three seasons. Season 1 features 12; the second, 26 and season 3, 31. His final in Turkey occurred on April 25, 2021.


Before becoming a renowned actress in Turkey, Ebru Sahin She studied Sports Science at the University of Istanbul and became a lover of horse riding.

Although she was always interested in acting, Ebru Şahin studied sports science because he loves sports and believed it was a profitable career.

However, Ebru walked away from horse riding in 2016 to pursue her dream of being an actress. This is how he began his acting career in the series “blood money“And, the following year, he was part of the cast of the film”My father”. Little by little he was integrated into other productions.

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