Scenes from Tale Of The Nine Tailed that made us love the drama

Lee Dong Wook, Jo Bo Ah, and Kim Bum starred in the story of Tale of The Nine Tailed, bringing to life a fantasy drama with surprises in each episode. Here we tell you about some of the best scenes of the series.

One of the most remembered dramas of 2020 is the story of Tale Of The Nine Tailedalso known as The Story Of The Nine Tails. So if you never miss the most popular K-Dramas, you probably already saw it.

In this drama, Jo Bo Ah gives life to a PD of a program of supernatural events, whose work leads her to meet Lee Yeon, an elegant and attractive man with a mysterious vibe. He is actually a gumiho who has been looking for a chance to see the girl he loves again when she finally reincarnates.

Their lives are linked by a common past where everything ended in tragedy, but will this time be different? If you want to remember some exciting moments from Tale Of The Nine Tailed, here are several fascinating scenes.

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Tale Of The Nine Tailed: Scenes of love, fantasy and many emotions

  • Kim Bum and Lee Dong Wook fight in Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 1

As a sign of how exciting this K-drama would be, in the first chapter Lee Yeon and Lee Rang meet at Ji Ah’s house and start fighting. The girl doesn’t know which of them she should fear the most, but she manages to get out of it in the end unscathed.

  • Lee Dong Wook saves Jo Bo Ah in Tale of the Nine Tailed

One of the first scenes we saw of this couple occurs when Nam Ji Ah goes to see Lee Yeon, totally determined to find out who she is. However, this encounter ends in a fall from the heights.

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  • Nam Ji Ah is in danger in the forest

In episode 3, the leading lady is about to be part of a dangerous sacrifice and Lee Yeon can’t seem to get close to save her, but that changes when she remembers how they parted ways last time.

  • The kiss from Tale of the Nine Tailed

The couple’s first kiss comes when they both take a walk in the middle of a day off, seeing the girl dressed in traditional clothing, Lee Yeon can’t help but remember the love they had years ago.

  • Lee Rang meets Blacky again

A touching moment in the drama occurs when Lee Rang meets a boy who is playing with the glasses that allow you to see past lives. It is then that he discovers that the puppy he called Blacky reincarnated and is in front of him.

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