Scarlett Johansson to return to Marvel’s “SUPER SECRET” movie after lawsuit

During a tribute to the actress Scarlett Johansson (‘Black Widow’) at the 35th edition of the American Cinematheque, Kevin Feige, president from Marvel Studios, did not spare praise for the artist, and also took the opportunity to reveal that he is working on a “secret Marvel project” alongside her.

Despite not having revealed many details, Cowardly made it clear that the project has nothing to do with her character Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow. He highlighted that Johansson was the first actress of Marvel serving as executive producer on the ‘Black Widow‘, a position she will also occupy in the upcoming project.

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“Scarlett has gifted us with her talent and her presence in the Marvel Universe for a decade. I am so grateful that she chose to remain a vital part of the MCU for so many years. Working with her was one of the most memorable and rewarding collaborations of my career.” declared.

It is worth remembering that the controversial court battle between the actress Scarlett Johansson it’s at Disney Company has now been closed, with a genuinely positive legal agreement for both parties.

Deadline reveals that Johansson received $40 million to terminate the contract, in addition to the $20 million that she had received as a fee.

The website claims that the actress had asked $50 million in the process, but accepted for $10 million less.

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Estimates indicate that the actress had lost around $30 million with the studio’s decision to release the film also in streaming.

Representatives of the actress and the studio announced the solution to the obstacle, stressing the satisfaction of having reached a common agreement. Through the official statement, the actress also revealed if she will return to work with the company, with which she had a great professional relationship until the beginning of the process.

“I’m happy to have resolved our differences with the Disney. I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve done together over the years and really appreciate my creative relationship with the team. I look forward to continuing our collaboration for years to come.”

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the president of Disney Studios, Alan Bergman, also reflected on the end of the process, revealing that Johansson already has a new project under development with the company:

“I am delighted that we have reached a mutual agreement with Scarlett Johansson regarding the Black Widow. We appreciate your contributions to the Marvel Cinematographic Universe and look forward to working together on a number of future projects, including tower of terror (Tower of Terror), gives Disney“.

Johansson sued Disney alleging that the company violated the contract by offering the film simultaneously streaming and in theaters.

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