Scariest Predator Movie Ever: Prey Director Promises Epic Horror Prequel

Prey is another entry in the Predator franchise. The director recently revealed what the upcoming prequel should have to offer.

The “Predator” franchise has a remarkable history: from the classic with Arnold Schwarzenegger to the most recent sequel by “Iron Man 3” director Shane Black, the eponymous alien was allowed to slice through numerous films. With “Prey” an epic awaits us now Prequel to the Predator series.

Because in an interview with colliders lost Dan Trachtenberg, the director of “Prey”, a few words about his latest work. While the film isn’t slated for the big screen, as Prey will be released on Hulu in the US and Disney+ in Germany, that hasn’t dampened the filmmaker’s ambitions.

In the conversation, the 41-year-old director preached that with “Prey” we can expect an epic flick that should put many a “Predator” film in the shade in terms of the horror factor:

“This is an epic film. What was so exciting about the first ‘Predator’ film was the combination of action and horror. This movie [‚Prey‘] I think it’s scarier than the last one [‚Predator‘-]Movies, but for me they’re a combination of adventure and suspense. It is a great, stirring and epic movie that is given to people to watch on their TVs. We’re hoping there will be some potential cinematic moments for some people.”

If you haven’t been able to gather any impressions of “Prey” yet, the trailer gives you a first taste of the bloodthirsty game of cat and mouse:

The big challenge for “Prey”

Since “Prey” is a prequel to all previous “Predator” spin-offs and the story settled in 1719 is, this presented the filmmakers with a challenge. Because how do you stage a Predator that is 300 years less technologically advanced than its later successors, but at the same time more brutal and scary? Dan Trachtenberg provided the following answer to this question:

“It was very difficult to find a way to make the Predator appear 300 years earlier in terms of appearance and weaponry, while still pretending it was far more advanced than what our characters are used to and.” what they have been dealing with so far. That way, it can really feel like a David versus Goliath battle. […] There are a few teasers in the trailer and I’m excited for people to see some familiar gadgets and weapons as well as new things that I think are super cool and I hope people will enjoy.”

In what way “Prey” reinterprets the Predator, you will already find out from the August 5, 2022 Find out when the film starts on Disney+ in this country. With a Disney+ subscription, you can also watch all entries in the franchise as well as the two crossover films “Alien vs. Predator” and “Aliens vs. Predator 2”.

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