scandalous censorship "The chicken" Álvarez on a mobile from Qatar with a man who came up live: "it’s scary"

Joaquin “El Pollo” Alvarez is in qatar and from there he transmits a chronicle of the place live every day for his program, “Us in the Morning”. This Thursday he had a difficult situation to face, when an unidentified man approached him and forced them to stop issuing images. El Pollo and his team of special envoys are waiting for the Argentina’s next match with Mexico.

Look how the unknown man approached the driver!

we don’t know who it wasHe didn’t tell us, then two more people came… the truth is that it is scaryI thought they were going to put us in jail”the driver pointed out. We have all the permits, we have FIFA accreditationwe came early with the production, another person gave us the OK to enter the houses, show people, to enter the supermarket “, he added.

Look at the nerves El Pollo had when explaining what happened!

the husband of Tefi Russo pointed out that “This person got out of the truck and He said that it could not be recorded anymore because it was a private place, he told us in a very bad way. I wanted to explain that it was a positive message, that we were showing color… They wanted to take away our equipmentwe defended him to death… After explaining that we were on the air, two more people came.”

El Pollo received a response from the Argentine Ambassador!

We weren’t doing anything outside the law. He told me that he had done the same with other media. I do not know what happened. We are fine, thank you very much for the messages. We’re in the trucks, leaving the place.”he clarified.

“I am not a person who likes what is happening. I am in line to tone down. I’m not exaggerating, I don’t like itheld Joaquin Alvarez.

The production of the El Trece program contacted the Argentine authorities, and was William NicholasArgentine ambassador in Qatar, who provided an answer: It is the first incident that Argentine journalists bring to our attention, none of them had any problemsthere are officials from the Consulate who are about to communicate with him”. And he added: “If everything is in order, there shouldn’t be any problem.”

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