Scandal with Viviana Canosa: she suddenly resigned from A24

Viviana Canosa generated great surprise by resigning from A24 minutes from going on the air with his cycle “Living with you” on Friday, August 5. Given the suddenness of his decision, caused a great scandal both in the media and on social networks.

According to the driver, speculated with the idea that he received censorship with respect to the material of the day that made reference to Serge Massa, who took over as Minister of Economy a few days ago. In any case, he received a response from the channel through a statement.

In its social networks, Grupo América referred to what happened with Viviana Canosaalthough it was not mentioned in said text. “Given the profuse dissemination of street videos taken by strangers with cell phones generating escraches with violence not only verbal but also physical to public officials, politicians and leaders in general and then uploaded to social networks, the company has made the decision not to broadcast the themselves”begins.

In addition, they complete: “This is due to the agitation these unknown people provoke with their aggressions at a time when the country requires the collaboration of all political forces and society in general to maintain social peace and respect for institutions.”

Of course the decision you made Viviana Canosa created a stir. figures like Jorge Rial, El Dipy, Fernando Iglesias, Mauricio Macri Y Amalia Granata They expressed themselves about it on social networks, with different opinions.

Scandal with Viviana Canosa.

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