Scandal with More Rial: domestic workers denounce lack of payment

More Rial made headlines in recent weeks his separation from the quartet singer El Maxi, her last boyfriend. As if that were not enough, a new scandal was uncovered in the last hours by the appearance of several former domestic employees who denounce a lack of payment after having worked at the home where she lives with her son.

During the Thursday broadcast of “THE M”, shared several testimonies in which they recount what they would have lived with Jorge Rial’s daughter. These are women who entered her home for two or three days but when they claimed their pay they were ignored by the influencer, in addition to not being able to enter the private neighborhood where she lives.

“I am one of the many employees who has passed through Morena Rial’s house. We want you to please leave a notice so that you can pay us. He makes us go for only a week, he asks you for an account to transfer and when it comes time to pay you he is not there“, It is heard in the audio published by Pamela, one of the alleged victims.

Scandal with More Rial.

In addition, he explains about entering the country: “When we want to go collect from her, she doesn’t give you the authorization”. Finally, she revealed the methodology that she would use with the rest of the women who were hired for a few days: We are several girls to whom he is not owingshe cleans the house for a week with each one and tells her the same story”.

One of the alleged employees of More Rial She also implicated the nanny who works with her, since she would work as a mediator. On her part, the influencer was unconcerned about the accusations against her and continues to enjoy her recent singleness after her breakup with The Maxi.

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