Scandal with Julián Weich: the controversial gesture for his dissatisfaction with Susana Roccasalvo’s program

Julian Weich drive alongside Caroline Papaleo the program “I live for you” on Channel 9 since the pandemic began. Recently, the driver hinted that there is an internal tension between his cycle and the previous one, “Relentless”who drives it Susana Roccasalvo.

As stated Leo Ariasthe entertainer he is furious at how late the previous program is in giving him the air.It’s hot because you are being delivered 4/5 minutes late on an air channel. He requested an urgent meeting with the board. The corridors of Channel 9 burn, he wrote on Twitter.

Julián Weich would be furious with the schedule irregularities on Channel 9.

Therefore, in the weekend broadcast, Weich decided to protest in an unusual way. At four minutes after 8:00 p.m., the driver and Papaleo entered the studio, and he He immediately knelt down in a symbolic way, to claim the minutes of air that correspond to his program.

“In four because it’s 8:04 p.m. and I’m like his number says,” said Julian Weich ironically.

Thus, to the driver’s anger at the delay in Susana Roccasalvoit seems that will soon have a meeting with the authorities of the channel to solve the matter, since he is not satisfied with the schedule irregularities.

Look at the unusual way in which Julián Weich protested the delay with which his program began

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