scandal in "Big Brother 2022": fans spread the full video of the alleged plot and believe that the production manipulated everything

New scandal in “Big Brother 2022”. in the night of nomination, in which the new plate with four participants was known, “GH” assured that there was plot between Coti and the Rabbit to fix their votes and that they will be sanctionedtwo. However, in the networks the fans broke out in anger when the full video of the talk was released that the couple had, and They assure that there was no real plot and that the production manipulated the information.

For the third time in the season, “Big Brother” announced that it would penalize the participants who conspired to agree on their votes. This time it was Coti and Conejo who would have premeditated their choices together

In the clip that was shown on the show, they are heard chatting and saying that “they want to know Catamarca”, in reference to Maria Laura. Finally, their votes were discounted but it was not enough for the woman to save herself from the plaque.

After meeting the new nominees, the voice of “Big Brother” explained to them: “This week I detected a new disobedience, therefore, I have decided that there will be a sanction and it will be communicated in due course.”

The fans were angry in the first place because they consider it unfair to punish Conejo and Coti because their votes were already taken away and on other occasions there were no more sanctions.

But then, the scandal broke out because The video of the entire conversation between the couple began to circulate and now many believe that there was really no conspiracy.

It is that, in the video, Coti and Conejo are heard talking about knowing Catamarca, and then Salta, in reference to Frames. Who was not voted for them, so there would be no plot according to the regulation.

Although some followers insist that it is okay to have their votes taken away, others assure that there is manipulation due to the short two-second clip that was shown, and not the entire context, since the conversation of which provinces to know spread to other participants.

Watch the full video of Coti and Rabbit’s talk from Big Brother that would eliminate the possibility of a conspiracy

Some even put together theories that there would be a narrative on the part of the program to protect Tora, since Conejo and Coni had another idea beyond the plot.

La Tora is a clear candidate to leave the house if she is not saved by Nacho and Conejo, because the public does not want her. Conejo and Coti know this, and since the man from Córdoba must negotiate with Nacho who they will remove from the nomination plate, they devised a plan.

The idea was for Coti to be nominated, which is why Coti asked if she could nominate herself when she entered the confessional and Rabbit surprised by giving his partner two votes. In this way, the two leaders of the week would unequivocally save Coti, and the Torah would be left to the good of God for the public to decide. Otherwise, Nacho would ask Rabbit to save La Tora, and he could stay another week in “Big Brother 2022”.

In conclusion, the viewers believe that this extra penalty that the production plans is to take away Conejo’s leader benefit, so that Nacho can save his friend and ally inside the house.

Twitter user Fede Bongiornoknown for his summaries of the reality show on Twitter, analyzed the situation by showing the full video. “This was the conversation that Coti and the rabbit had been having when she asked him if he wanted to go to Catamarca. He left the clip because they only showed that clip with the question over and over again”he assured.

In the responses, the show’s followers were furious. “The production ones are playing dirty… They can’t screw us with the votes but they go the other way”said one.

And another added: “They did the same as with Alfa. Take out the whole context. It is obvious that La Tora is a favorite and they are going to take away the possibility of saving for Nacho to choose alone.”

One fan assured:
“Literally, this already seems fixed, for Cone and Coti there was a context and it was understood that it was not a conspiracy, but that they well ignored the talk of Juan, Nacho and Tora when they were in their bed and talked about Juan Pablo, banana, giraffe , 2 and 1, 3 and 2, come on, it’s unfair!

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