Scandal at “Bares for Rares”: resolute pensioner breaks off and goes home

Pensioner Doris Kübler wanted to make a medal at “Bares for Rares”, but nothing came of the project. At least she stayed true to herself and her values.

With “Bares für Rares”, a well-sounding expertise does not automatically mean a windfall in the dealer room. Saleswoman Doris Kübler from Rheinbach had to experience exactly this first hand. Her visit to the junk show initially got off to a very promising start.

The lady brought an old order to expertise and was able to score with her rarity. Wendela Horz identified the rare piece as a medal once donated by Kaiser Wilhelm II. In total, it was awarded to 250 people who have rendered outstanding service to the healthcare system. She could bring in 1000 euros in the dealer room, according to the optimistic estimate of the expert. Since Doris Kübler originally wanted to raise 800 euros, everything seemed to be going perfectly. In the dealer room, however, things turned out very differently.

No sale: pensioner sticks to her asking price

Unfortunately, nobody in the dealer room wanted to share Wendela Horz’s expertise. According to Walter Lehnertz, the seller brought something nice with her, but no one offered more than Wolfgang Pauritsch, who wanted to buy the medal for 500 euros. However, that was not enough for the sprightly lady. She did not want to deviate from her original pain limit of 800 euros and decided to break off the negotiation. “I can also say no,” said Doris Kübler, who actually wanted to donate the proceeds to a good cause.

In these cases it was far better. Here are the most expensive pieces from “Bares for Rares”.

Cash for Rares: The 5 most expensive pieces

“Bares for Rares” runs on weekdays at 3:05 p.m. on ZDF. The offshoot ZDF Neo broadcasts repeats at 8:50 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. The concept of the show hasn’t changed to this day: people like Doris Kübler have their goods appraised by experts and then haggle over the selling price in the dealer’s room. However, this is not always crowned with success.

Bares for Rares - Favorite Pieces (3 DVDs)

Bares for Rares – Favorite Pieces (3 DVDs)

The price may be higher now. Price from 06/22/2022 11:48 am

How well would you do at “Bares for Rares”? Test yourself in the quiz:

Are you a scrap collector or antiques dealer: Test your “Bares for Rares” knowledge

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