Scandal among the Kardashians: one of their beauty products urgently recalled because of its composition!

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are dating so many beauty products and careful that they do not start scandals. If today Kim Kardashian is at the head of a skincare line called SKKN, yesterday she was the queen of contouring with her KKW Beauty label. As for Kylie Jenner, she made her success around her lip kits sold in the name of Kylie Cosmetics, then she too launched her skincare brand Kylie Skin before her eldest. But before experiencing wild success with their various businesses, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe created Kardashian Beauty, a complete line of beauty products for the hair launched in 2014.

Today, one of the products of this brand, which is sold mainly at destockers, in particular Stockomani, is the result of a emergency call back by the French government. It is Black Seed Dry Oil, a dry oil for hair, composed of nigella oil, also called black cumin oil. On its official website, Drink reminderthe government specifies that this oil should not be used because of “its composition with a substance prohibited for sale”. The site specifies that the risk incurred is environmental and that it concerns batches which were marketed between February 1, 2022 and June 16, 2022.

A product recall that comes after the huge food scandals. Leading the way are Buitoni pizzas. 75 children had been contaminated by E. Coli bacteria following the ingestion of pizzas from the Fraîch’UP range, two of whom had died. Then the Kinder chocolate scandal, hundreds of tons of brand chocolates had been urgently recalled, less than two weeks from Easter, following suspicions of salmonella. Other controversies ensued!

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