Scam and chaotic ending: "Malevo" canceled its season in Mar del Plata

After succeeding internationally and in the country throughout 2021, Malevo He hopefully traveled to Mar del Plata so that hundreds of people can learn about his art and passion for folklore in the summer season. But that dream came to an end after the group suffered a scam by the producer who represented them.

On Wednesday, January 13, they performed what was their last function before they suspended it for “technical problems“which actually were”internal“. Finally Matías Jaime, the director and leader of the company, broke the silence and explained with deep sadness what happened.

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We are having a terrible time, we have been coming for a while with a swindling production that brought us to bases of non-existent and insolvent promises. We did not have promotion, food, medical coverage, rents or suppliers are not paid. I can’t continue, I have to take the people home“, Said the dancer in dialogue with Intruders.

We have our lawyers, but you saw how Justice is, it seems that it is not enough to have things in order“, Hill.

After the controversy of which they were victims, Malevo provided an official statement through their social networks: “With deep sadness we announce that for reasons of public knowledge and completely unrelated to the company, we are unable to continue offering the show ‘Indomitable Spirit’ at the América theater“.

“We apologize to the public for all the inconvenience caused by this situation. Those who have bought tickets may request a refund from the theater“, they continued.

We appreciate the support and love received in these functions of what was our first season in the country. We are left with the good memories and the peace of mind of having given the best of ourselves as artists, people and as a company.“, they expressed.

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Video: Matías Jaime explained the end of Malevo in Mar del Plata

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