Scalp brush: does TikTok’s star brush really make hair grow faster?

Oils, masks, creams, food supplements… Have you tried everything and no longer know how to restore length and shine? On TikTokseveral influencers are promoting an attractive alternative: a “miraculous” brush, which promises to quickly – and above all naturally – grow your hair. The scalp brush (understand “brush for the scalp”) is sold at the price of 10 euros, a bargain, in appearance! But what is it really?

A bristle brush to stimulate the scalp

The accessory intends to massage the scalp, and – according to influencers promoting it – would eliminate excess sebum and dandruffthe opportunity to apply hair care in depth.

Thanks to its soft silicone nubs, this brush would also boost the micro-circulation of the scalp “in the smallest vessels of the circulatory system: arterioles, venules, shunts, and capillaries,” the site says. Expired, which markets it. Concretely, it would eliminate hair that falls naturally, activate hair regeneration and remove impurities at the level of the scalp.

Is the result really there?

Questioned by our colleagues from Doctissimo, Dr Jourdan, dermatologist, insists: “This brush can enhance hair growth like any other massage that activates the circulation, but it will in no way cause bulbs to appear that no longer exist. At best, the brush may just slow down hair loss” (source 1).

According to the expert, hand massage, with the pulp of his fingers, is just as effective. The act of positioning her head downfrom time to time, is also effective, since it increases the vascularity of the scalp.

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