Scala dei Turchi smeared, vandals identified: one was convicted of an attack on the Milan metro

Scala dei Turchi, volunteers clean up from vandalism (Ansa)

Agrigento, 12 January 2022 – Identify those responsible of the vandal raid against the Scala dei Turchi. In just 48 hours the carabinieri of Agrigento managed to find the two middle-aged men from Favara that have defaced the white marl cliff of Realmonte (Agrigento), a candidate to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The white cliff had been smeared with red iron oxide powder, the Prosecutor of Agrigento had immediately opened a file: the two responsible will be reported for damage to property having landscape value. The vandals were framed by video surveillance images of the area.

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In particular, one of the accused, the 49-year-old Domenico Quaranta, is a pluri-prejudiced already convicted of the 2001 terrorist attacks in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento e to the Milan subway. In September he had damaged the Punta Bianca cliff with red paint, leaving his signature and other hieroglyphic writings (to his credit he also vandalized the birthplace of Luigi Pirandello, and the ceramic vases in Viale delle Dune in Agrigento).

Man, who would be in prison converted to Islam, he had to respect a ban on approaching Agrigento ordered by the Police Headquarters. Quaranta justified the vandalism with generic and vague accusations against the system and the police.

The cliff has been cleaned Sunday morning by the volunteers. The president of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, in one of his last messages before his death, had underlined the gesture of extraordinary civility.

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