SBT denies that the campaign against LGBTphobia has Patricia Abravanel as a cause. To the details!

THE SBT denied than the recent campaign against LGBTphobia was motivated by an alleged conviction of Patrícia Abravanel in court. According to rumors, which began to circulate on social media this Wednesday (12), Silvio Santos’ daughter would have suffered a court case after a controversial speech involving the minority group. In a statement, the broadcaster clarified:

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“It is not true that his campaign on the importance of fighting LGBTphobia was ordered by the Justice. Contrary to what is being reported, there is no conviction against the broadcaster or the artist Patricia Abravanel“, began the statement from SBT.

“It is good to be clear that SBT launched this campaign on TV and on all digital platforms in order to raise awareness and transform people. The broadcaster has always had its Diversity and Inclusion Committee to address this and other topics over the years,” the text continued.

At the time of the controversy, Patrícia Abravanel even tried to justify herself, and said that the best way to learn was “with love”. Tiago Abravanel, nephew of the presenter, replied: “Sexual orientation is not an opinion”, said the actor, who also said he was not intimate with his aunt.

SBT hints that it will take steps to hold news creators accountable

The broadcaster’s note continues, stating that SBT has a calendar of affirmative actions. “It is also worth mentioning that, through the Corporate University and the SBT do Bem platform, the channel has an annual calendar of affirmative actions in diversity, inclusion and belonging”.

Finally, the channel announces that it will look for those responsible for starting the rumor. “Aware of the seriousness and because it is untrue information, SBT has already taken the necessary measures to clarify the situation and will request the rectification of the publications”, says the note.

Reminder talks about Patrícia Abravanel’s controversy in 2021

The speech of Silvio Santos’ daughter, who now runs her father’s program, involved a request for respect on the part of LGBTQIA+ people who, according to Patrícia, are still “learning to deal” with minorities.

“I think like the ‘LGBTYH’, I don’t know, they want respect, they have to be more understanding with those who still don’t understand it right now. And it’s hard when we’re going to educate children to talk about it, you know? What am I going to tell my son? How to speak? Because we don’t know how to deal with it”, said Patricia on her show, in a live broadcast.

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