Says "Marriage at first sight"-Expert Sandra Yes?

Will Dr Sandra Köhldorfer (41) accept the application? In the last episode of Wedding at First Sight, there was a big surprise for the viewers. Ryan, the expert’s partner, appeared on television for the first time and announced that he wanted to ask his loved one the question of all questions. Well, in the finale of the popular dome show, the time had finally come: The entrepreneur got on his knees in front of Sandra – but did she also say yes?

With his unannounced appearance, the native American caused a big surprise for the psychoanalyst. “Sandra, I love you so much! You are amazing, beautiful and my best friend. I can’t imagine life without you. […] There have been many weddings on this show, but no proposal – until now. Will you marry me?”, Ryan addressed his sweetheart. She could hardly believe her luck. “Oh my god, yes!” Sandra answered with a smile on her face.

She then proudly introduced her fiancé to the candidates and also let them take a look at her ring. “This is Ryan – we’re engaged”, the native Austrian rejoiced. The surprising wedding proposal caused great emotions not only for Sandra. Her colleague Beate Quinn was also moved to tears by the moment.

“Marriage at First Sight” – eight episodes from October 3, 2022 every Monday at 8:15 p.m. on SAT.1 and on Joyn.

Marriage at first sight, Sat.1

dr Sandra Köhldorfer and her partner Ryan on “Marriage at First Sight”

Marriage at first sight, Sat.1

“Marriage at first sight” expert Sandra and her partner Ryan

Marriage at first sight, Sat.1

Markus Ernst and Beate Quinn on “Marriage at First Sight”

Did you expect Sandra to say yes?

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