“Save me”, did Anabel Pantoja really quit?

Anabel Pantoja is one of the characters of the Pantoja clan that continues to be in controversy. First, her wedding with Omar Sánchez shortly after the death of Isabel Pantoja’s mother and, second, her problems with her cousin Kiko Rivera. To all this, is added the conflict that arose due to his absence in ‘Save me’, Telecinco program.

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After moving away from ‘Save me’, it was speculated that Anabel Pantoja would leave the program for good. Something that the magazine “Semana” assured, this Wednesday, November 24, in an exclusive note that pointed out that the famous woman did not feel comfortable in the entertainment show.

“I want to work with dignity,” was the headline of the magazine. In the text, it was ensured that Anabel left the format produced by La Fábrica de la Tele. In addition, they pointed out that the influencer felt “ignored” by the program after the information and the treatment she has received. After the publication, the same Pantoja came out to clarify the issue with a strong message.

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Anabel Pantoja has a million and a half followers on Instagram (Photo: Anabel Pantoja / Instagram)


After the magazine “Semana” published that Anabel Pantoja placeholder image decided not to return to the program ‘Save me’, the businesswoman spoke through her social networks to deny that she resigned from the show that is broadcast on Telecinco.

“A pity that it is sold as an exclusive, which I did not give. Some manipulated words “, wrote the television in a publication of Instagram Stories.

In addition, he affirmed that what the magazine says is a lie: “My intention was to highlight the launch of my jewels and respond to my partner, in a respectful way, that I was earning a decent living without speaking ill of anyone I love.”

Later, the members of the “Save me” program commented on Anabel Pantoja’s alleged statements to “Semana” magazine. Although at first they commented on the issue with some anger, they finally assured that the news was incorrect.

At the beginning of the broadcast on Wednesday, November 24, Jorge Javier Vázquez addressed his audience to report the great anger he had at the alleged statements of Anabel Pantoja ranting against the program and announcing his decision never to return.

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“I’m very pissed off at Anabel,” he told his teammates. However, the management gave him an indication and he retracted: “Ah, okay, okay. It’s not true … So I’m not angry with her anymore … She already missed me ”.

A few hours later, the subject was dealt with in more detail. “The program talks continuously with Anabel Pantoja because it wants her to come back,” they assured, and stressed that “she doesn’t rule it out.” The program even stated that it is “working on a return date.”

Then, and before the end of the program, Pantoja herself entered through a telephone connection to give her version: “I want you to know that I have always been very grateful to the program, I have never been ungrateful and those statements have been manipulated” , he claimed.

Specifically, the famous woman was referring to the fact that she did not want to talk about family problems or comment on some attacks heard in recent weeks against her relatives. In this way, he clarified that at no time did he speak badly of the program.

During the conversation, Anabel Pantoja clarified that she does not intend to leave “Save me”, but that she has no intention of returning “for the moment” to focus on her new professional facets. “I will never bite the hand that feeds me,” he concluded.

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