Saudi Arabia provides the first major stunt at the World Cup and beats Argentina, which saw three goals rejected and started the second half disastrously

What a surprise! Saudi Arabia has beaten top favorite Argentina in the first group match. However, the Argentinians hardly seemed to have any problems in the first half and quickly took the lead. But early in the second half, the Saudis turned it all around.

1-0 at half time and that could easily be called a small miracle. Messi was allowed to give Argentina the lead after just eight minutes after a draw error on Paredes in the box. However, a similar phase as with England yesterday, but this time the VAR did intervene. Messi did it wonderfully calm from eleven meters.

With ease?

The Saudis defended themselves tooth and nail and made many irritating mistakes. But yes, everyone does it with the guns they have. They also set up the offside trap every time and it worked perfectly. For example, no less than three goals from the Argentines were rejected, although it was very close with Messi and Martinez and the VAR had to study the images.

That is of course playing with fire, but Saudi Arabia kept the score limited, despite the logical dominance of the South American opponent. And then the unbelievable: Saudi Arabia equalized at the start of the second half. First chance and perfect finish by Al-Shehri. What a surprise!

It didn’t stop there, by the way. Four minutes later it was 1-2! Al-Dawsari curled the ball wonderfully towards the top corner. Martinez put another fingertip against it, but couldn’t keep the ball out of his goal. The whole football world watched with wide eyes in amazement. Because yes, the Saudis certainly lay down for it. There was no getting through.

Argentina kept trying, but the center was tight. A timid header from Messi and Tagliafico that didn’t get past Al-Owais from close range were the biggest chances to be scored. Argentina will soon be under pressure in the last World Cup that star player Lionel Messi will ever play. Kudos to this Saudi Arabia that has given absolutely everything.




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