Saturday on TV: Two absolute sci-fi masterpieces – but you should still do without one

Two science fiction classics await you on TV on Saturday. Unfortunately, one of the two runs in a shortened version.

Science fiction is one of the most popular and diverse genres and has regained popularity in recent years – from numerous new “Star Wars” series to “Squid Game” to last year’s “Matrix: Resurrections” and the “Avatar ‘ sequel ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’, coming in 2022. Sci-fi fans can tune in to TV this weekend two great representatives of the genre be happy.

On Saturday the June 18, 2022, runs first 8:15 p.m. at TELE5 “Blade Runner”. The classic from Ridley Scott (“Gladiator”), starring Harrison Ford, is set in a dark cyberpunk future where so-called blade runners hunt down synthetic humans called replicants who rebel against their fate as workers on other planets. Rick Deckard (Ford) accepts an assignment to track down a group of replicants and in the process falls in love with replicant Rachael (Sean Young), who thinks she is human.

Although the version that was broadcast is the so-called final cut, in which director Ridley Scott had full control over the film for the first time, the version is cut anyway. Because the film is shown at 8:15 p.m., but actually has an FSK 16 age rating. Accordingly, this version of the science fiction masterpiece is not recommended.

If you are looking for even more science fiction entertainment, we recommend these films:

Ex Machina starring Tomb Raider star Alicia Vikander

at ZDFneo can you 11:10 p.m then watch the next science fiction film that also deals with the question of being human. That’s where it works “Ex Machina” by Alex Garland (“Annihilation”). The British science fiction film centers on the programmer Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson), who is invited into the isolated house of his boss Nathan (Oscar Isaac). There he is supposed to take part in an experiment to find out whether the android Ava (Alica Vikander) has developed her own consciousness.

Blade Runner 2049 [Blu-ray]

Blade Runner 2049 [Blu-ray]

The price may be higher now. Price from 06/15/2022 17:14

Like Blade Runner, Ex Machina raises questions about identity, consciousness, and free will. For this, the film was also considered with an Oscar, which he received in the category Best Visual Effects. Both films impress not only with exciting philosophical explorations, but also with spectacular effects that bring the different visions of the future closer to you.

How is your sci-fi knowledge otherwise?

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