Saturday night rating: how was the fight between “PH (We can talk)” and “The night of ML”

The rating of Argentine television was disputed again by Rating-how-it-was-to-PH-Podemos-Hablar-frente-a-La-noche-de-ML-20221030-0001.html” target=”_blank”> the two giants of Saturday night: “PH (Can We Talk)”of Andy Kusnetzoff, Y “ML Night”of the diva Mirtha Legrand.

The production of both programs and their hosts bet everything to keep the rating for this Saturday, November 12, which crowned a winner who has been staying with the contest.

On the cycle side telephthe guests were Marcelo Moura (musician), Ginet Reynal (model and driver), Paul Ruiz (singer) and Pablo Tamagnini (singer of The Konga). Also, the last one eliminated from the house was added -as has usually happened since the beginning of Big Brother: this time it was about Blackberry. By the side of the show The thirteenthey accompanied Mirtha the legislator Louis Judgejournalist Angel De Britoto the national deputy Amalia Granatato the ex-partner of Diego Maradona dew olivejournalist and writer Silvia MarketY Pilar RaholaSpanish analyst specialized in press, radio and television.

Who got the rating on Saturday night


The dispute on Saturday night found a clear winner, and it was the program of Andy Kusnetzoff: Mirtha started with 4.5 points, well below Married with kids. Already with the arrival of PH on the Telefe screen, Legrand’s program rose to 7.2, but it was not enough to beat Andy, with 10 points.

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