Saturday is raging because of Bohdalová! That couldn’t even be solved, Luděk growls

It’s no secret that Jiřina Bohdalová (90) has a lot of friends in show business. That’s why she invited a lot of them to her New Year’s Eve show The Biggest Feast with Jiřina Bohdalová. The actor was no exception Ludek Sobota (78), who has been training honestly since June.

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In the end, however, he did not appear on television, which infuriated him. “It simply came to our notice then. I just told Czech Television that I didn’t want anything to do with them anymore. I told them not to call me. “ the actor of Sedmička magazine confided. When asked if he was angry with Jiřina herself, he nodded angrily.

And he wasn’t the only one who complained about the actress. He was joined by other cut-out performers such as Martin Dejdar (56) or Josef Alois Náhlovský (72). Jirina put a lot of friends against each other. How did she comment on that? No. According to her, her colleagues have a right to be upset.

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