Satna News: Ailing mother killed her son by getting caught in a witchcraft affair

Police took woman into custody, discussion of sacrificing

Sidhi (New Zealand Representative). A sick mother, trapped in superstition and witchcraft, sacrificed her son. The woman had been ill for a long time. And he came under the spell of the exorcist and executed this incident. One of his sons was watching this incident, when the police started questioning, the three-year-old innocent told the truth. After this the police have taken the woman into custody. The incident happened around 4.30 pm on Saturday evening.

Police sources said that Sudhir Gupta, husband of Priyanka (25), a resident of Sherpur village in Sidhi, has been ill for a long time. Her husband works as a laborer in Delhi. The woman has three children, in which the eldest Sonu (6), the second welcome (3) and the third Saurabh was 10 months old, who were sacrificed.

Village exorcist gave advice

It is said that when she was ill, Priyanka got her exorcist from the village itself, on which the exorcist had said that you have witchcraft. Unless you sacrifice any one, you will remain ill and one day this sorcery will kill you. After this, Priyanka killed her 10-month-old son Saurabh. Tearing the edge of the pot, wrapped it in two layers around the neck of the innocent and strangled him. After this he told the neighbors that his son had been murdered by someone. During the burial of the child, people were informed about the injury marks on the neck of the child, the police reached the place and engaged in action till late night.

It is said that the father-in-law of the woman, Munnilal, has died of cancer. While the woman’s sister-in-law Vandana has died of blood cancer. But it was settled in the mind of the woman that the father-in-law and sister-in-law had died due to sorcery, due to which she came under superstition and became accused of killing her son.

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