Sassoli in memory of his children: the man who blushed at compliments. "Good road"

Rome, January 14, 2022 – “Thanks dad and, please, judgement“. Giulio and Livia, the sons of David Sassoli, do not hide their emotion but, with courage, stand up to send a message to their father at the state funeral. In front of government institutions, EU leaders and heads of state recall the recommendations that their father addressed to him and describe him as a person “passionate about his work”, which “also means cultivating care for small things and for people, from whom, you taught us, you can always learn “, remembers Giulio. “In addition to good morning and good evening – he continues -, you always exclaimed ‘cheers‘, as if even just meeting were already a victory “.

The two young people recall the spontaneity of the father and “the ways of doing always authentic, in every context”, but above all “the dignity of those who have never made their own weigh illness, neither now nor years ago. In a world of excuses, you said ‘Yes, but I’ve got to do it’ “. Giulio smiles when he thanks his father for” how much you left us “, except, ironically,” the hair “.” You taught us – he continues – that fame and popularity only make sense if you can do useful things. “

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The wife: “You have shown us that nothing is impossible”

David was a man, according to those who knew him beyond his institutional roles, who “blushed at compliments”. And who, in the last days, while struggling with an evil greater than himself, has appealed tolove, “perhaps the most banal word – says Giulio – but which in the last few hours you have repeated more often: as a cry, as an exhortation. Until the end you were able not to give in to despair and you gave us hope”.

President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella with Livia and Giulio, sons of David Sassoli

It was Livia who concluded their greeting by reading thelast message pronounced by David Sassoli before Christmas. “We have fought alongside those who ask for more democracy and freedom, alongside women who ask for rights and protections and alongside those who continue to ask for free and independent information – reads the text -. We have finally realized that after years of cruel rigorism, inequality is no longer tolerable or acceptable. Living in precariousness is not human. Poverty is a reality that must not be hidden but must be fought and defeated. The duties of the European institutions to protect the weakest and to abandon indifference represent our challenge, that of a new world that respects people, nature and believes in a new economy based not only on the profit of a few but on the profit of all. Hope – concludes the message – is us when we do not close our eyes to those in need and when we do not build walls in front of our borders. Thanks dad, good way“.


“I had a good life, definitely a very good one, even if a little complicated, and ending it at 65 is really too early“. Alessandra Vittorini she concludes her husband’s funeral by recalling the last days of David Sassoli, when “he had already understood everything”. “You told me this when we were playing to hide reality hoping for the impossible – he says -. It’s too early, for the many things we still had to say to each other, for the future we were planning for the two of us and our kids. We’ll tell us those things again. , we will think about the projects and we will imagine the future. We will walk certain of your presence, which will still accompany us but in another way, more dense and profound. The emptiness produced by a loss can become full “. “It will be hard, very hard – is the conclusion -, but in recent years you have shown us that nothing is impossible“.

Alessandra Vittorini with her children Livia and Giulio

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