Sasho Roman: Emil Dimitrov died alone, forgotten and in misery!

The last year of his life Emil Dimitrov was literally miserable, the folk singer Sasho Roman confided to “Bulgaria Today”. He was among the colleagues of the pop legend, who honor him as an artist who contributed a lot to the glory of Bulgaria.

“We met at a concert with Emil. And we became friends, even though we sing in different genres,” said the former soloist of the “Ku-Ku Band”. SAsho Roman finds no other word than “shame” for what the singer of “My Country, My Bulgaria” had to experience in his last earthly days.

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“Emil had a stroke, his condition was serious. They raised funds for him, wrote that Lily, Bogdana, his ex-wife Greta Gancheva, his son and Vasil Andreev helped him,” said Slavi Trifonov’s favorite.

Unfortunately, when Emil suffered a stroke, Vasil Andreev himself, a longtime songwriter and close friend of the pop icon, was already in poor health and died in 1999.

“I was surprised that the state did not try to help him. They left the man and that’s it “, the singer of” My Angel “is still upset.

“Emil had to receive something extra during his lifetime, and not be left on a minimum pension. Because Emil and Lily are the decorations of Bulgaria,” said the singer of “Devil’s Woman”. Recently, Sasho Roman expressed his dissatisfaction with the amount of pensions of Bulgarian singers and musicians.
“If there are no participations, we will starve like dogs,” the folk singer is angry.Did Emil get a BGN 46 social pension?

Stefka Berova was the first in the guild to announce the amount of her colleague’s pension.

Stefka Berova

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“Emil and I were given a BGN 46 pension at the time, a social pension. He received it due to illness and I received it due to age. It’s not offensive, it’s rather funny. Because the whole of Bulgaria and the dogs know us. They told us:” You will prove in the court with three witnesses that you worked, “Yordan Marchinkov’s ex-partner recalled.

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