Sasho Kadiev lives in bourgeois luxury (Photos)

Sasho Kadiev lived in bourgeois luxury

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14 November 2021, 17:00

Alexander Kadiev has left his apartment in the Manastirski Livadi district of Sofia and has lived in bourgeois luxury, Weekend has learned from his colleagues. The host of the show “Before noon” took his partner Ivelina Choeva to the center of Sofia. It is there that their new love nest is located, furnished as a setting for an Italian film.Recently, Kateto Evro’s son has not complained about the eternal traffic jams in Sofia, due to which until recently he was regularly late for work in the BTV show. His colleagues have long wondered about this change in his habits. In recent months, he has been like a Swiss watch – entering the studio early in the morning punctual, fresh and in a good mood, skipping his favorite in the recent past swearing at street traffic. The reason for this unexpected change in the actor’s habits was a radical change he decided to make in his life, namely to change his home. Sasho left the apartment in the Manastirski Livadi neighborhood, which is located almost at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, and his new address is close to work. In this way, the star significantly reduces the time required to reach television.The actor himself shared in “Before noon” that he does not like the landscape in “Manastirski Livadi”. “I had the good fortune to live there for a while,” he explained, revealing that the neighborhood had disappointed him with indiscriminate construction without an adequate development plan.On the other hand, his new home has sunk into bourgeois luxury. Kateto’s son Euro likes to post videos on social networks, shot in his chic living room. The room is very bright, the walls and furniture are white, and crystals hang from the lights. Obviously, everything is made to order. Kadiev and his wife step on a thick and visibly expensive light carpet, which shows that they do not suffer from the problem of the average housewife, who wonders how to clean the white mats on her floors. Most likely, the star couple uses professional cleaning services. The kitchen area is so tidy and clean that one is left with the impression that one rarely cooks in it. On the walls in the living room are hung paintings that bring color to the room. The style of furniture reveals that the furniture and decoration were most likely chosen not by the actor, but by his favorite. However, she has given him a small place in which to arrange her male paradise – quite rude in appearance, but dear to the heart of the owner gaming corner.The bedroom also looks furnished by a lady with fine taste. The upholstered bed is in the royal purple color, which harmonizes with the color of the curtains. The bedside tables are as white as the furniture in the living room. Apparently, Kadiev has left his partner to whirl as an interior designer, but he himself also feels good in the new home.





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