Sashka’s husband: I forgive my son for attacking me, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about!

“I forgive my son Stanislav Alexandrov for the words he said to Krum Savov. He does not know what he is saying and he probably said this because he felt offended that Sashka and I did not pay attention to him when we left for Germany.

He wanted to come and see her, but I told him he couldn’t, and that upset him. “ Bulgaria Today Sashka Vaseva’s husband – Hristo, who clarified that he had seen the boy two or three times in his life and was surprised that he accused him of manipulation and lying about the operation. Bakardzhiev’s son announced on Slavi’s television that he had doubts about raising funds for Sashka Vaseva. According to the young man, two concerts were prepared to finance the operation of the folk singer, but they were postponed because Vaseva’s epicrisis was not received.

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Vaseva wants to sing again

“There is no such thing! The main operation will be on December 1, and there has already been an intervention. I am already on the edge of my strength, I do not sleep all night and I think that the doctors are doing their job perfectly,” Bakardzhiev added.

“I can explain everything! The doctors are working, Sashka is in the best hands and she is doing her best to get better. The doctors do not want me to give detailed information, at least at this stage and I will remain silent about everything that happens with the condition. her, “Bakardzhiev added.

According to Stanislav, the doctors in Bulgaria also had the opportunity to form a foreign team in our country, but the singer’s husband did not agree. “Ivana called me and said that she would find people to perform the operation for free or with a drastically lower amount than in Germany. Deputies and ministers also want to help, but they want Sashka to return to Bulgaria here as well. to operate on her, says Stanislav. “I will not respond to his attacks”, said Hristo Bakardzhiev.

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