Sasha Meneghel recalls embarrassing story at Ivete Sangalo’s house

Sasha participated in the latest episode of “SalaDaSato”, Sabrina Sato’s YouTube channel. In the video, the model, who shone on the catwalks recently, recalled a embarrassing story that lived in the house of Ivete Sangalo.

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Along with her husband, João Figueiredo and Felipe Titto, Sasha was asked by Sabrina if she already lived some funny story involving a tummy ache.

“I already had it on the plane. Returning from Salvador. I went to the restaurant that had potatoes with cheddar and bacon. I took the bacon off. I’m lactose intolerant. It was a school trip. As it was in Salvador and my mother is a very good friend of mine. at Ivete, I wasn’t sleeping at the hotel. I was sleeping at Ivete’s house. I had chili peppers at Ivete’s house. Early in the morning I left, went to the flight back and it was the worst trip,” said the model.

João Figueiredo and Sasha have been married for a short time, but they already have a large list of countries visited. Soon, the singer would also have a funny story involving the same “problem”.

“We traveled with a couple of friends in Mexico. We were on bikes and, out of nowhere, I wanted to fart. I stopped the bike and felt that it wasn’t just fart. I took off my shirt, went diving. Into the sea, I took off the shorts, and washed them”, said the singer, who needed the wife’s help to wash the dirty garment.

In addition to the travel photos, Sasha and João usually publish records of the married routine on social networks. Recently, the couple was even nicknamed “Brazilian Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin”.

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