Sasha Meneghel at SPFW: model will be featured in fashion show for brand that exalts Brazil

The 2021 edition of the São Paulo Fashion Week will take place from the 16th to the 21st of November and Sasha Meneghel will be featured at the event. Xuxa’s daughter is going to parade for the Misci brand, by Airon Martin, which exalts Brazil and its roots. In tune with current trends, the model spoke a little about her relationship with the brand.

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“I met Misci when I wore an outfit from the brand to participate in a TV show. Since then, I have fallen in love with the fashion made by Airon. I really admire the love he feels for our Brazil and how he portrays this passion in each piece”, said the 23-year-old girl who accompanied the Paris Fashion Week.

Sasha will go up on the catwalk at the Pavilhão das Culturas Brasileiras, in Ibirapuera Park, on November 19th. “I was very happy with the invitation to participate in the fashion show, it’s great to meet people in the market who are looking for sustainable means of production. It’s something rare and beautiful to see”, said the wife of singer João Figueiredo, with whom she lavished style on the trip of the couple.

Sasha Meneghel plans to launch her brand in 2022

2021 was one of great feats for Sasha in professional terms: the young woman launched a clothing collection in partnership with her friend Bruna Marquezine and focused on studies for the creation of her own brand. “I want to launch my brand next year. I’m building little by little, because I value the base a lot,” he said in a recent interview with “Marie Claire”.

Graduated in Fashion, Sasha seeks references from professionals and brands that think sustainably. What catches the artist’s attention are creators who use the space they occupy to innovate, think about possibilities and disseminate positive references.

“I’m in this research phase, I want to bring more sustainable methods. Specifically in fashion, I’m captivated by the work of those looking to evolve important issues. It’s cool to see both large and small brands seeking sustainable alternatives,” said the stylist.

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